Samuel Oldknow and the Arkwrights (New Edition)

The Industrial Revolution at Stockport and Marple

by George Unwin

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Praise for the original edition of Samuel Oldknow and the Arkwrights

“This was the last work of the first scholar to hold a chair of Economic History in an English University, and it was well worth doing.”

W.Ashley, The Economic History Review

This is the story of the Industrial Revolution told from the perspective of Samuel Oldknow one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs. A fortuitous discovery in the ruins of a cotton mill in 1921 brought to light a mass of letters and account books, deep in dirt and soiled with rain. It is from this material that Unwin produced his now classic account of the Lancashire cotton industry, perhaps as close as one can get to a barometer of the wider economic transformation that rendered Britain the industrial powerhouse of the world.

This New Edition has been typeset with modern techniques and contains a newly compiled Index of important topics. It has been painstakingly proofread to ensure that it is free from errors and that the content is faithful to the original.

List of the Most Important Records found at Marple
Chapter I. Muslin Making at Anderton
Chapter II. the Industrial Revolution at Stockport
Chapter III. The Handloon Weavers at Stockport and Anderton, by G. Taylor, M.A
Chapter IV. The London Warehouseman
Chapter V. The Yarn Problem: Negotiations with Arkwright
Chapter VI. The Crisis of 1787-88
Chapter VII. Expansion and Decline of the Muslin Manufacture, by G. Taylor and G. Unwin
Chapter VIII. Spinning Mills at Stockport 1788-91
Chapter IX. The Estate at Mellor and Marple, by A. Hulme
Chapter X. The Crisis of 1792-93: Oldknow and Drinkwater
Chapter XI. Community Building at Marple and the Apprentices, by G. Unwin and A. Hulme
Chapter XII. Oldknow's Paper Money
Chapter XIII. Mellor Mill at Work
Chapter XIV. High Farming at Mellor, by A. Hulme
Chapter XV. The Marple Lime Kilns, by A. Hulme
Chapter XVI. Roads and Bridges: Peak Forest Canal: Church Building, by A. Hulme
Chapter XVII. Samuel Oldknow: The Man and his Work

George Unwin held the chair of economic history at Manchester from 1910 until his death in 1925. He contributed like no other scholar in the establishment of economic history as a serious line of inquiry in Britain, transplanting there the finest aspects of the by then mature continental European tradition. His work is set apart by the thoroughness of his primary research, his methodological rigor and clarity of prose. Many believe him to be among the most penetrating and philosophical minds ever to be attracted to economic history.

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Book Title
Samuel Oldknow and the Arkwrights (New Edition)
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The Industrial Revolution at Stockport and Marple
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236mm x 160mm
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June 2013