The Flying Termite

by Laszlo Katona

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The argument advanced in this short essay is that intelligence has a universal, non-anthropomorphic meaning. If there are laws of ‘conservation of mass’ and ‘conservation of energy’ then there needs to be something akin to a law of ‘conservation of intelligence’. We can perceive intelligence in dogs, dolphins or gorillas without understanding it. Intelligence can be also seen in many other things from insects and the wonders of the Solar System to elementary particles or the rules of a triangle. Where is the program of a Jacquard-loom, a computer or of DNA? Is it in material or in the sequence? But that doesn’t mean intelligence comes from Intelligent Design, yet alone a Designer. It simply seems to be the ‘state of things’ in the Universe. Posing more questions than is capable of answering, "The Flying Termite" represents a fiery criticism against materialism and anti-materialism.

Machine in the bug
Bug in the Evolution
Evolution in the Philosophy
Animals can’t lie
Philosophy in the Bug
Bug in the machine
Bug in the Rose
The Flying Termite

Laszlo Katona is a translator based in Hungary. Over the past 30 years, he has developed a keen interest in the history of religion and philosophy. He has been an avid reader of George Lukács, Stanislaw Lem, Raymond Smullyan and Gilbert Keith Chesterton. His hobbies include inventing toys and building ancient catapults. This is his first book.

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Book Title
The Flying Termite
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236mm x 160mm
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October 2015