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Subject: Economics

Women in Industry

A Study in American Economic History
1st edition / ISBN: 978-1-62273-000-1
July 2013
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Women in Industry is a critical examination of labor history of women in the United States from colonial times to the turn of the 20th century. Since its first publication a century ago, it has received hundreds of citations and had a formative influence in fields as diverse as labor history, gender studies, and economic history methodology. Women in Industry examines working conditions, wages and other forms of compensation across industries and professions. While firmly rooted in economics, Abbott does not overlook the social causes and implications of shifting patterns of female employment nor the organized opposition such changes attracted by established interests. Using masses of carefully compiled evidence, Abbott's work forcefully made the point that, contrary to popular belief, women did not suddenly replace men in industrial employment sometime in the 19th century. Rather, women and children were a regular and prominent feature of American industries in general and manufacturing in particular. Forming the first comprehensive account of female employment in a developing manufacturing economy, Abbott's extensive primary research and dispassionate interpretation make this essential reading for students of economic history. Academically rigorous yet accessible, Women in Industry remains unsurpassed in the reach of its coverage and the depth of its scholarship: It is fairly recognized as a timeless work and a source of inspiration for contemporary economic historians everywhere.

Industrial Evolution

New Edition
1st edition / ISBN: 978-1-62273-005-6
July 2013
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Industrial Evolution is Karl Bucher's most important book, and the foundational study of non-market (exchange and gift) economics. The book deals with the historical evolution of economic and industrial organization, with the transition from handicrafts to manufacturing, the rise of trade unionism and urban migration. This new edition is based on the third German edition of Bucher's original Entstehung der Volkswirtschaft and draws on the acclaimed translation by S. Morley Wickett, PhD. This new edition has been professionally typeset from the 1901 English original and includes a comprehensive index.

Samuel Oldknow and the Arkwrights (New Edition)

The Industrial Revolution at Stockport and Marple
1st edition / ISBN: 978-1-62273-003-2
June 2013
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This is the story of the Industrial Revolution told from the perspective of Samuel Oldknow one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs. A fortuitous discovery in the ruins of a cotton mill in 1921 brought to light a mass of letters and account books, deep in dirt and soiled with rain. It is from this material that Unwin produced his now classic account of the Lancashire cotton industry, perhaps as close as one can get to a barometer of the wider economic transformation that rendered Britain the industrial powerhouse of the world. This New Edition has been typeset with modern techniques and contains a newly compiled Index of important topics. It has been painstakingly proofread to ensure that it is free from errors and that the content is faithful to the original.