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2017/03/09 - Forthcoming: The Confusion between Art and Design by Tsion Avital

The Confusion between Art and Design [Hardback, Premium Color]

In this provocative monograph, Tsion Avital draws a fine line between art and design. Using nearly one hundred distinctions, contradistinctions and comparisons between art and design, Prof. Avital lays bare their differences. A new and coherent conceptual framework is proposed to distinguish them. This is a new kind of book: a heavily illustrated philosophical book useful for visual thinkers tasked with solving real-world problems. Radically original, analytically deep, and yet accessible, this book holds important lessons for all modern artists, designers, architects, critics and philosophers of art.

"...Even though the study of art and of design are theoretical, Dr. Avital has come closer than anyone to approaching them as if they were empirical. His clear and rigorous parsing of the issues in The Confusion Between Art and Design dares disagreement and will do much toward concluding the argument."

Prof. Mel Byars, Design Historian,
author of The Design Encyclopedia



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2017/01/17 - Forthcoming: Back to the Core - Rethinking Core Texts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Education in Europe

Back to the Core [Hardback]

This edited volume examines liberal arts and sciences education by focusing on the unique way in which core texts – i.e. classic texts from philosophical, historical, literary or cultural traditions involving “the best that has been written” – meet the challenges of modern higher education in general and in Europe in particular. It covers topics such as the nature and aims of liberal arts and sciences education, how specific core texts promote the goals of liberal arts and sciences education, including the teaching methods, curricular reflections, and personal experiences of teaching core texts. 


“a splendid achievement for the cause of interdisciplinarity.”

Norma Thompson, Yale University

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