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Subject: Sociology

Los jesuitas y la gestión religiosa intercultural a principios de la Edad Moderna

Capital humano, mentalidad global y obra misionera en Japón y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII

Frank Jacob, Nord University, Norway

July 2024 / ISBN: 979-8-8819-0047-2
Availability: In stock
234pp. ¦ $77 £61 €71

Este libro analiza el papel del capital humano y la mentalidad global de la exitosa gestión intercultural de la Compañía de Jesús en los contextos geográficos de Japón y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII. Evalúa y analiza datos históricos de más de 200 jesuitas según la teoría de gestión moderna. El trabajo es, por tanto, un estudio interdisciplinario relacionado con la historia de las órdenes religiosas, la expansión europea, la gestión transcultural o intercultural, y muestra cómo los misioneros jesuitas en Japón y Perú lograron y estimularon una expansión exitosa de la influencia de su orden en estas regiones del mundo. Si bien analiza un tema histórico, el libro también será de interés para los gerentes de hoy en día, y para todos aquellos interesados en crear una exitosa estrategia para la gestión intercultural.

Mentoring in STEM Through a Female Identity Lens: Heroes Make a Difference for Women

Edited by Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig, Druai Education Research, CA

July 2024 / ISBN: 979-8-8819-0017-5
Availability: In stock
288pp. ¦ $105 £84 €98

With the stagnant low percentages of women in STEM careers, identifying practices to satisfy the growing need for professionals in those fields is critical to improve recruitment and retention. Supportive relationships, like mentors and sponsors, have been shown to both inspire women to pursue those careers and to help them succeed in them. This book explores how developing supportive connections helps students, faculty, and teachers see STEM professions as being a place for women to grow and succeed. Early chapters provide essential mentor characteristics and explore engineering education gender inequity from a teacher's perspective of stereotypes, stereotype threat, and bias, offering culturally relevant teacher mentoring approaches to promote equitable pre-college engineering education. Middle chapters describe K-12 mentoring programs: mentorship initiatives empowering young South African Women and girls to advance to mathematical-related careers; programs, methods and activities to achieve the desired goal of making young students aspire to become scientists; and engagement year-round in grades 9-12 combined with 40 years of iterative evaluation created a finely-honed enrichment program for low-income Black women in urban public high schools. A longitudinal undergraduate mentoring program for mentoring early college students in Louisiana provides further insights in that section. The final four-chapter section describes mentoring programs for professors and teachers: reciprocal mentor relationships and role shifting within an informal peer mentoring group; differences between mentoring relationships and sponsoring relationships within academia; the impact of culturally responsive mentorship (CRM) on the development and expression of a pre-service teacher’s woman of science identity; and a program that aims to recruit and retain STEM pre-service teachers and STEM teachers of color. With several longitudinal mentoring programs, several programs for women of color, this book fills a gap to help grow the numbers of women in STEM.

Magical Feminism in the Americas: Resisting Female Marginalisation and Oppression through Magic

Abu Shahid Abdullah, East West University

ISBN: 979-8-8819-0025-0
Availability: Forthcoming
$63 £50 €59

Hate speech and abusive behaviour on social media: A cross-cultural perspective

Luiz Valério P. Trindade, IPIE – International Panel on the Information Environment, Switzerland

June 2024 / ISBN: 979-8-8819-0024-3
Availability: In stock
132pp. ¦ $53 £42 €49

The adverse societal impacts of social media platforms comprise a subject of global concern, given that this digital technology has become a breeding ground for the manifestation of varied forms of online harassment and abuse. Yet, most studies exploring this phenomenon have done so predominantly in Anglophone social contexts (notably, the US and the UK). Thus, the present work examines hate speech and abusive behaviour adopting an innovative cross-cultural perspective. To this end, the book analyses a sample of 108 scholarly papers originally published in three non-hegemonic languages (Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) and encompassing 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain). In this context, the development of this study highlights the relevance of considering cultural, historical and linguistic factors when analysing hate speech and abusive behaviour on social media. By confronting and evaluating findings from different countries and languages, the study sheds light on how cultural norms and language use shape the manifestation and impact of online harassment and abuse. Besides, the study also reveals that social media plays the pivotal dual role of catalyst and vehicle for disseminating hate and abuse. As such, they can bring a series of adverse societal impacts upon individuals, vulnerable social groups, society, and democracy. Ultimately, social media platforms allow offenders the capability to unleash and disseminate aggressive and discriminatory ideologies, attracting numerous like-minded people to subvert and disregard any social convention constraints and norms of conviviality. Consequently, one of social media’s most significant negative impacts is the undermining of social cohesion. Therefore, the present book is of interest to students, established scholars, and researchers in various disciplines, including sociology, criminology, media and communication studies, and digital humanities. Moreover, it is recommended reading for policymakers, leaders of non-governmental organisations, educators, journalists, and anyone interested in learning more about social media’s impacts on people’s lives.

Pioneros en Machinima: Las raíces de la producción virtual

Tracy Gaynor Harwood, De Montfort University and Ben Grussi

ISBN: 979-8-8819-0023-6
Availability: Available 4 weeks
271pp. ¦ $63 £48 €54

Este importante nuevo trabajo se centra en los pioneros en machinima, considerados las raíces e inicios de la producción virtual. Los impactos de machinima son identificados por la comunidad, complementados por la investigación y por la experiencia de Harwood y Grussi durante un período de 25 años: desde juegos, cine y realización cinematográfica hasta la práctica de las artes digitales, desarrollos de tecnologías creativas e investigaciones y teorías relacionadas. Machinima es la primera práctica cultural digital que surgió de Internet y se convirtió en un género creativo convencional. Su última transformación es evidente a través de la creciente convergencia de juegos y películas, donde la producción virtual a tiempo real como práctica creativa profesional está dando como resultado nuevas formas de experiencias interactivas generadas por máquinas. Utilizando las obras machinima (del inglés 'machine' que significa máquina y 'cinema' que significa cine) de mayor importancia cultural como lentes para rastrear su historia e impactos, 'Pioneros en Machinima: Las raíces de la producción virtual' ofrece profundos testimonios de cineastas y otras personas involucradas en su surgimiento. La extensa referencia a materiales originales y entrevistas actualiza la historia de sus impactos a través de las reflexiones críticas de los primeros pioneros. Este libro será de interés para los investigadores y profesionales de machinima, junto con la cultura de los juegos, los teóricos de los medios, los estudiantes de estudios cinematográficos y de juegos, los artistas digitales y aquellos interesados ​​en cómo las tecnologías creativas han influido en las comunidades de práctica a lo largo del tiempo.