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Subject: Cognitive Science and Psychology

Predictive Minds: Old Problems and New Challenges

Edited by Manuel Curado, University of Minho, Portugal and Steven S. Gouveia, University of Porto, Portugal

August 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-743-6
Availability: In stock
305pp. ¦ $94 £79 €87

The Predictive Processing Theory of Mind is a recent theory developed by philosophers, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists about the nature and function of the brain and its role in creating the conscious mind that we humans, and perhaps some non-human animals, have. The authors that advanced those lines of research believe that there is a fundamental idea that has been overlooked in the research done about the brain until the present: that the brain is a prediction machine with the function of creating hypotheses about the causes of our sensory signals and predictions of possible future sensory signals. Moreover, the internal models of the world created this way are constantly challenged by incorporating the errors of the previous models into new models. From this point of view, the brain's work could be described as a process of making predictions about the upcoming sensory data based on its best current models of the causes of those data. This book intends to critically analyze this theory and its subsequent theoretical and empirical consequences. To achieve that, the volume brings together some of the best experts on Predictive Processing – such as Thomas Metzinger, Wanja Wiese, or Mark Miller – with the goal of presenting some of the advantages of this approach but also some of its caveats.

Unwrapping Racism: Dealing with Differences

Chuck Grose

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-679-8
Availability: In stock
151pp. ¦ $31 £25 €28

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu “Unwrapping Racism: Dealing with Differences” will connect the reader with recent social movements such as gun safety, Black Lives Matter, and college reform movements. The Early social movements would portray racial discrimination within the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Eugenics/Sterilization Movement. The Civil Right Movement of 1950s/1960s highlights Rosa Parks, Dr. M. L. King, Jr. and Congressman John Lewis. This book will present key issues, such as cultural privilege and its prevalence. The reader will be lifted up from xenophobia, colonialism and slavery while creatively facing individual responses to those issues today. All those approaches move into our societal goals of assimilation, cultural pluralism and the “melting pot” concept. This volume will make the perfect complement to Dr. Grose previous book "Dealing with differences". Every reader can do something, sometime, somewhere to effectively deal with differences. As the book confronts race, it challenges the reader to grapple with action-oriented exercises, questions, and projects relevant to key paragraphs on every page. At the end of the book, the readers will be empowered to tell their own stories about their experiences with race within each chapter.

Mantha: Alchemies of the Cultural Turn

Mark K. Warford, SUNY Buffalo State University

August 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-733-7
Availability: In stock
228pp. ¦ $75 £61 €68

Set against the rich and troubled tapestry of the West’s Greco-Roman inheritance, the Sanskrit root 'manth/-', which roughly translates to “a churn” ('mantha') or “to churn” ('manth') in Sanskrit, serves as a cauldron into which age-old binaries are blended. A mantha of the Greek metaphysical notion of the One and the Many drives explorations of a variety of themes, including the Feminine and the Masculine, Self and Other, East and West, Heroes and Monsters, Olympians and Titans, Creativity and Innovation. Accordingly, the psychoanalytic canon is (re)introduced to a diversity of perspectives, from linguistics and Translation Studies to educational theory and horror fiction. Guided by the 'Opus Contra Culturam', Warford, infusing his background in linguistics, Translation Studies, Spanish, Sociocultural Theory, and Global Humanities, demonstrates the importance of stretching beyond what is known in one’s cultural milieu, that “one” taking many forms: the citizen, the student, the professional, the innovator, the scholar, and the infinite intersections of group identifications into which we are susceptible to being siloed. Specific topics include cultural complexes and trauma, Titanism, integrative approaches to human development and learning theory, the Monstrous, as well as creativity and innovation studies.

Life as an Intelligence Test: The Predictive Power of IQ

Anthony Walsh, Boise State University

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-716-0
Availability: In stock
115pp. ¦ $50 £40 €45

This book examines intelligence as it applies to various facets of human life. It explores the evolutionary origin of intelligence and the genetics and neurobiology of intelligence. Every human being is intelligent, but some are more intelligent than others. We know this both by observing different people’s behavior and position in life and by their different intelligence quotient (IQ) scores. Most of the business of life can be conducted on a basis of habit, with little need for exceptional intelligence, which is irrelevant for many day-to-day pursuits. However, people of higher intelligence do much better in life than those of lower intelligence in so many ways. They attain higher social class, better physical and mental health, are less likely to be criminals, and many other things. IQ tests measure different cognitive abilities, but there is a factor common to them all that psychometricians call Spearman's g, or simply g. What this means is that in tasks that tax the brain, however different they may be from one another, if a person is good at one mental task, he or she is likely to be good at others, although not necessarily to the same degree.

Handbook of Research on Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Edited by Chandan Maheshkar, East Nimar Society for Education (ENSE), Indore, India and Jayant Sonwalkar, Institute of Management Studies, University of Indore, India

August 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-701-6
Availability: In stock
300pp. ¦ $80 £69 €74

In a human system, a major proportion of behavioral attributes and values are determined by respective cultures and interaction with other cultures. Cultural and cross-cultural psychology has emerged as an interdisciplinary area that explores how a culture regulates society and its business, how cross-cultural interactions affect the psychologies of individuals as well as societies, behavioral variability under various cultural conditions, and how to harmonize cultural diversities. Organizationally and philosophically, cultural and cross-cultural psychology differs from other areas of social sciences. It is a common phenomenon that as people engaged with cultural practices, their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come to reflect their cultural values and beliefs. As a process, people formulate, replicate, transform, and/or transmit their cultural practices in their daily social and/or business interactions. This edited book ‘Handbook of Research on Cultural and Cross-cultural Psychology’ is focused on dynamics that amplify knowledge, skills, and behaviors relevant to deal with different cultural and cross-cultural issues. All the chapters suggest that ‘relevance’ and ‘being critical’ are qualities widely attributed to efforts that fill the gaps between theory and practice in cultural and cross-cultural psychology.