News - October 2017

2013/09/20 - Forthcoming Title: Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models by José Luis Torres Chacon

Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models [First Edition, Hardback] This book offers an introductory step-by-step course to Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium modelling. Modern macroeconomic analysis is increasingly concerned with the construction, calibration and/or estimation and simulation of Dynamic General Equilibrium (DGE) models. The book is intended for graduate students as an introductory course to DGE modelling and for those economists who would like a hands-on approach to learning the basics of modern dynamic macroeconomic modelling. The book starts with the simplest canonical neoclassical DGE model and then gradually extends the basic framework incorporating a variety of additional features, such as consumption habit formation, investment adjustment cost, investment-specific technological change, taxes, public capital, household production, non-ricardian agents, monopolistic competition, etc. The book includes Dynare codes for the models developed that can be downloaded from the book’s homepage.

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2013/05/14 - In print: A Plan of the English Commerce (New Edition) by Daniel Defoe

A Plan of the English Commerce [Hardback] A new edition of the hard to get economic tract on the development of British manufacturing by the noted author of  Robinson Crusoe.

Interest in this little known gem has been rekindled following attention drawn to it by Cambridge University economist Ha-Joon Chang's influential book Bad Samaritans (2008, Bloomsbury Publishing). In an account that predates and runs contrary to conventional views of British economic development, Defoe recounts how the state played a central role in early industrialization.
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