News - June 2017

2016/06/01 - Latest calls for proposals

We are inviting proposals for our interdisciplinary series in Cognitive Science, covering the latest scientific research on the mind and its processes, hailing from Psychology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Education, and more. Deadline: September 12. More details on the call can be found here.

Other open calls include:

2016/05/18 - Spotlight: Designing Technology, Work, Organizations and Vice Versa

Designing Technology, Work, Organizations and Vice Versa [Hardback]

Technology, work, and organizations are three main pillars of contemporary societies. Much has been written about each of them separately as well as about their interrelations. This volume collects empirical cases and conceptual discussions which explicitly look for the close interweaving of work, technology, and organizations by questioning their design. Unlike similar works this volume uses the idea of design as a sensitizing concept in order to unpack and at the same time highlight the complex relations between form and function, between creating and doing. Common themes include: heterogeneous engineering, sociomateriality, performativity, situated action and knowledge, invisible work and design trajectories.

More about the title.