New Title: Design School: After Boundaries and Disciplines

Exploring contemporary design education, this book asks whether Design Schools are shaping a new type of designer, or if tomorrow’s designers will emerge from other professions such as business, health care, education, and computing, where design ‘thinking’ is now regularly applied.

  • How can a Design School in the age of the Anthropocene best prepare future designers for this complex world?
  • How can the Design School maximize the potential opportunities suggested by this future, uncertain world at a time of rapid and intensive change?
  • Having changed the planet, how should the Design School react to the planet changing us?

The book includes essays from the expanding landscape of the Design School, including educational providers, the design museum sector, the international design festival circuit and influential practitioners engaged in design education. The essays in this book provide a valuable, comprehensive examination of the future of the Design School and render a unique forecast of its probable trajectory.  

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