Announcement regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing large-scale loss of life and suffering globally. Our heartfelt wishes go out to everyone in our community: we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and put your well-being first.

The pandemic has inevitably resulted in huge disruption for institutions, researchers, students, and tutors. At Vernon Press, we understand the importance of continued learning and strive to support you during this difficult and uncertain time.

At this time, access to our print books is affected by disruption in global supply chains (including the decision by Amazon to prioritize household staples) and difficulties in physically accessing libraries and bookstores. While our print books can still be ordered (subject to delivery delays) directly from our website and from a number of other online outlets (most notably Barnes & Noble, see also, access to our eBooks is now more important than ever.

To facilitate access to our eBooks, we are:

  • Partnering with ProQuest and EBSCO to upgrade all of our eBooks purchased by libraries to Unlimited User access at no charge until June.
  • Offering heavy temporary discounts on our eBooks purchased through Google Books. Search for them using title/author name or ISBN at or see the complete list here.

Containment measures are already causing widespread financial difficulty. To support access to our titles to as many readers as possible, we are:

  • Making a special coupon available for purchases made through our website, which grants 33%-off of all our hardback and paperback books (valid until the end of May 2020). Use coupon code everythingwillbeok on checkout.
  • Inviting readers who are facing financial hardship to contact us for other ways to facilitate access.

We endeavor to keep you updated on developments as we navigate this challenging new period.


Page last updated on February 8th 2022. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.