Immigrants, Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, and Forensic Linguistics - Extended Deadline

The Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL) is issuing


its FINAL call for original chapter proposals for a forthcoming book on

Immigrants, Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, and Forensic Linguistics

According to recent statistics released by the United Nations, every 60 seconds, 24 people around the world are forced to flee their homes to escape war and persecution.  In the year 2015, this development meant that 65.3 million people were registered as being displaced.  Today it is estimated that 1 in every 113 people is classified as an asylum-seeker, a refugee, or an internally displaced person.  In an effort to process this unprecedented number of people in need, many government agencies have increasingly sought the services of forensic linguists to help determine the true origin of applicants seeking refuge.                                          

  This practice has been the cause of considerable controversy both inside and outside of the forensic linguistic/phonetic community. While critics challenge the accuracy and morality of applying FL/FP techniques to cases involving immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers; supporters counter that the expertise offered by the forensic linguistic community can bring a level of reliability, professionalism, and fairness that would otherwise be absent.  Further exacerbating this debate are increasing fears over terrorist organizations using legal routes of refuge to gain illegal access to unsuspecting foreign targets. 

  The purpose of this publication is to provide a critical examination of the historical and contemporary application of FL/FP methods used in the decision-making processes affecting immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers.  Chapters focusing on any of the following sub-areas are welcome: Language and Law; Translation and Interpretation; Forensic Phonology and Phonetics; Forensic Linguistics and Ethics; and Forensic Linguistics and Education.  Case studies of individual countries as well as international comparisons are equally welcome.  Interested authors are invited to submit a book chapter proposal (max. 1,000 words) with a preliminary reference list.  All proposals must be prepared for blind review, without any reference to the author(s)). 

Important Dates

Extended Deadline for Book Chapter Proposals: March 1, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: April 1, 2017 
First Draft of Book Chapters: October 15, 2017     
Final Draft of Book Chapters: January 15, 2018
Projected Date of Publication: Spring 2018

Final book chapters must be between 5,000-7,000 words and comply with the publication guidelines of Vernon Press All submissions must be also original contributions and may not be under consideration for possible publication elsewhere. For more information about this book project, please feel free to contact GSFL President and Co-founder, Dr. I. M. Nick ( 

We look forward to receiving your submission!

This proposal is due at March 1st 2017.

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