Call for book or chapter proposals: Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Vernon Press invites book or chapter proposals on Neuroscience of Mindfulness.


A long tradition in mindfulness meditation exists from Buddhist legacy. From a scientific point of view, however, meditation is just starting to be discovered. An increasing interest in its psychological and neuroscientific investigation has significantly grown from the 1990s, accompanied by the development of brain imaging techniques.


During this time, the popularity of meditation, yoga and related practices has grown exponentially as researchers have begun to elucidate the brain areas and networks involved in the beneficial cognitive effects of meditation practice and the sensations described by practitioners. Yet, as a nascent field, other intriguing aspects remain to be clarified.


We invite submissions that explore mindfulness from the perspective of neuroscience. Our intention is to create a compelling series, reflecting findings on neuroscience of mindfulness to date and opening a discussion about the future of this burgeoning field as well as its role on health and healing. Possible contributions may include the following topics (non-comprehensive list, open to suggestions):

·    behavioral and neuroscientific findings in the light of the core components of mindfulness meditation practice: attention control, emotion regulation, self-awareness.

·        effects from different kind of practices

·        bridging the gap between neuroscience and psychological literature

·        brain plasticity and meditation

·        impact of meditation on cognitive and social functions

·   critical reviews of limitations in existing neuroscience of mindfulness literature

·        methodological challenges and contributions (ex. cross-sectional vs. longitudinal designs)

·        mindfulness as an effective clinical intervention

·    contemplative training as a method to investigate human experience

·      new research strategies: future of the field


How to submit your proposal

Please submit one-page proposals at including an annotated summary, a short biographical note and (if available) a list of similar titles.

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This proposal is due at June 30th 2016.

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