Call for book or chapter proposals: Climate Change Communication

Vernon Press invites book or chapter proposals on Climate Change Communication.


Humanity is having a profound impact on climate change. There is an urgent need to bring about significant and lasting changes in our economics and societies. Understanding how people and societies develop awareness is essential for the design of effective communication strategies on this issue. We invite proposals from across the social sciences for contributions to climate change communication.

In order to tackle the climate change challenge on time, communication research is exploring the core of public awareness engagement. The once simplistic models of communication construed as a one-way process (from messenger to a passive audience) are evolving. Decades of environmental activism and communication have contributed to a more sophisticated understanding of communication processes which takes into account underlying factors at the basis of individual/communal decisions and actions, such as experiences, mental or cultural models and relational dynamics.

We are particularly interested in submissions that explore the driving factors for change on the dynamic and complex system of individuals/communities, their role as forces to take decisions/actions towards sustainability and their potential as tools to design climate change communication strategies. Our ambition is to create a book series that reflects current dynamism in the interdisciplinary study of climate change communication. The series aspires to contribute to the establishment of  new models of communication filling the gap between the perception of climate change as an external problem and our role as change agents. We seek proposals addressing, among others, the following issues:

                 psychology of climate change communication

                 engagement of audiences in climate issues and solutions (messengers, messages, media…)

                 vulnerability of communities (or resilience) to impacts

                 the perception and understanding of the problem of climate change

                 current state and underlying drivers of public beliefs and attitudes about climate change

                 understanding of target audiences

                 invisible connections: from motivations to actions

                 basis for systemic changes


How to submit your proposal

Please submit one-page proposals at including an annotated summary, a short biographical note and (if available) a list of similar titles.

About the publisher

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This proposal is due at June 30th 2016.

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