Industrial Evolution [Hardback]


Industrial Evolution [Hardback]

New Edition

  by Karl Bücher

Hardback | Price: $28 / €25 / £20
1st edition | Published on: July 2013
304pp |  229mm x 152mm
Series: Vernon Classics in Economics
Subject(s): Industrial Organization, World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc., Economic History
ISBN: 9781622730056

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Industrial Evolution is Karl Bucher's most important book, and the foundational study of non-market (exchange and gift) economics. The book deals with the historical evolution of economic and industrial organization, with the transition from handicrafts to manufacturing, the rise of trade unionism and urban migration. This new edition is based on the third German edition of Bucher's original Entstehung der Volkswirtschaft and draws on the acclaimed translation by S. Morley Wickett, PhD. This new edition has been professionally typeset from the 1901 English original and includes a comprehensive index.


The original German as well as the English and French translations have gone through over 30 editions and reprints.

“Professor Bucher has a knack, somewhat rare among his colleagues, of making his work interesting to everyone, without yielding one jot or one tittle of accuracy and thoroughness.”

W.C.M., Journal of Political Economy

Author biography

Professor Bucher was born in Prussian Rhineland in 1847. He completed his undergraduate studies at Bonn and Gottingen (1866-69). His rapid rise in the German scholastic world is evident from his academic appointments: special lecturer at Gottingen (1869-72), lecturer at Dortmund (1872-73), at Frankfurt Technical School (1873-78), and at Munich (1881); Professor of Statistics at Dorpat, Russia (1882), of Political Economy and Finance at Basel (1883-90), at Karlsruhe (1890-93), and at Leipzig (from 1893). From 1878 to the close of 1880 he was Industrial and Social Editor of the Frankfurter Zeitung.

Table of contents

Prefatory Note
Prefaces Fist and Second German Editions
Preface to the Third German Edition
Chapter I. Primitive Economic Conditions
Chapter II. The Ecomomic Life of Primitive People
Chapter III. The Rise of National Economy
Chapter IV. A Historical Survey of Industrial Systems
Chapter V. The Decline of the Handicrafts
Chapter VI. The Genesis of Journalism
Chapter VII. Union of Labour and Labour in Common
Chapter VIII. Division of Labour
Chapter IX. Organization of Work and the Formation of Social Classes
Chapter X. Internal Migrations of Population and the Growth of Towns Considered Historically

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