Julio C. Castañeda Jr.

Julio C Castañeda Jr emigrated from Cuba to the US in 1974, grew up in South Florida and currently resides in California with his wife and youngest son. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and had worked for Motorola, Google and Snap Inc. for more than 25 years in product development, R&D, and manufacturing. Over the course of his career, Julio has earned a Master Six Sigma Black Belt, been granted 48 US patents and authored numerous technical reports on a broad range of engineering topics. An avid sports fan and fascinated by the statistical aspect of sports, he has published two books in a series titled “Football Morsels” redefining quarterback and team statistics. In this book, the first installment of the “Misinformation” series, Julio uses his statistical approach and data based conclusions to provide a balanced and unbiased presentation of key socio-economic and political issues.

Books published with us

Title Memes of Misinformation: Federal Spending [Hardback]
Subtitle Unraveling the controversial, socio-economic and political issues behind those annoying social media memes
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-251-7
Published in March 2017