5th Interantional Mental Health Meeting "Slow Psychiatry: Human Rights and Democratic Mental Health", PORTO, 15-19 APRIL 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the congress one of our authors, João Pereira, has organized on "Slow Psychiatry: Human Rights and Democratic Mental Health" next week from 15 to 19 April 2024 in Porto.

5th International Mental Health Meeting

Introduction to Slow Psychiatry

The 5th International Mental Health Meeting, organized by the Romão de Sousa Foundation and set to take place from April 15th to April 20th, 2024, introduces a revolutionary theme in mental health care: "Slow Psychiatry." This concept, inspired by the principles of the Slow Food movement and pioneered by American psychiatrist Sandra Steingard, challenges the rapid, often impersonal nature of contemporary psychiatric care. It advocates for a system that values human connection, deeply understands individual stories, and respects the complexities of human suffering.

Diverse Programming and Human Rights Focus

This year's meeting in Porto, Portugal, will feature a diverse array of programs aimed at critiquing the current state of mental health care, promoting human rights, and fostering democratic processes within the field. Attendees will be invited to participate in various formats, from debates to workshops and experiential sessions, designed to broaden perspectives and encourage deep engagement with the material. The event will highlight the importance of moving away from a metrics-focused approach to one that prioritizes therapeutic relationships and individual narratives in the healing process.

Living Learning Experience and Practical Workshops

Key to the meeting's agenda is the Living Learning Experience (LLE), a unique session that offers participants a hands-on approach to understanding and implementing Slow Psychiatry principles. This and other workshops will provide practical skills and innovative strategies that professionals can take back to their communities and workplaces, potentially transforming practices to better serve the needs of those seeking help.

Networking and Community Building Opportunities

In addition to the educational components, the meeting will also facilitate networking opportunities, allowing like-minded professionals, students, and advocates from around the world to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on future projects. This interaction is crucial for building a supportive community that can drive change in mental health practices globally.

Join the Movement

For those interested in making a meaningful impact in the field of mental health, attending this event could be a significant step towards understanding and implementing more respectful, effective care practices. Registration details, event schedules, and more information are available on the official event website: Romão de Sousa Foundation's 5th International Mental Health Meeting. Join a global community of thinkers and practitioners dedicated to reshaping mental health care into a more humane and effective system.

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