New Release: In the Making: Digital Fabrication and Disability

In the last decade, digital fabrication and its applications have become a matter of great interest and debate. Its implications are far-reaching and may be approached in a wide variety of ways, although it has generally been analysed in either technical or economic terms. In this volume, Ursula Hurley seeks to offer an unprecedented and interdisciplinary study of the consequences digital fabrication has had from a cultural and aesthetic point of view; focusing on how it affects human interactions as well as aspects such as creative processes and identity. Hurley explores the implications these alternative readings of digital fabrication may pose for disabled people, making use of data obtained through innovative fieldwork that demonstrates how current the issue is. 

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Title In the making: Digital fabrication and disability [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-330-9
Published in July 2020

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