Developing Effective International Education Experiences: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for the Classroom

Sara Tours, Jeremy M. Lynch (Eds.)

by David M. Moss (University of Connecticut), Jon Simmons (University of Connecticut), Alessia Zanin-Yost (Slippery Rock University), Marnie Petray-Covey (Slippery Rock University), Gisela P. Dieter (Slippery Rock University), Laura Strong (Slippery Rock University), Rachel Schiera (Lander University), Jennifer Gentzel (University of Pittsburg), Molly Mistretta (Slippery Rock University), Jessica Hall-Wirth (Slippery Rock University), Joshua Middleton (Howard University), Sara Tours (University of Pennsylvania), Mark D. Hogue (Slippery Rock University), J. Craig Ramsey (Shanghai Wenlai International School), Ahmet Simsar (St. Cloud University), Durmuş Burak (Kilis 7 Aralik University), Zeynel Amac (Kilis 7 Aralik University), Alpana Bhattacharya (Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY)), Binaben H. Vanmali (Grand Canyon University), Aric P. Krogstad , Jeremy M. Lynch (Slippery Rock University), Amy Orville (Slippery Rock University)

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Globally, and within the United States, we continue to progress toward a more diverse and inclusive culture. This fact is perhaps reflected nowhere better than in the public school system in the United States, where, by 2029 (NCES, 2020), non-white students will outnumber white students in classrooms. The challenges that the current system of education confronts in ensuring equitable access and equal achievement are also well-documented (Darling-Hammond, 2015). A key component in the re-shaping and development of a more equitable and inclusive system are the pre-service teachers enrolled in our college and university teacher preparation programs across the country. As we prepare for the diverse classrooms of the future, we need to prepare the teachers of the future to not only be able to teach all students but to also have the cultural competencies to ensure the same access and opportunities are provided to all students. It has been well documented (Cunningham, 2015; Lupi & Turner, 2013) that international education experiences, or international field experiences, have a positive effect on both the professional development and cultural competencies of pre-service teachers. Across a wide range of performance outcomes, pre-service teachers with international field experiences are better equipped to enter the field (DeVillar & Jiang, 2012) and may even persist longer in the profession (Egeland, 2016). However, not all international experiences provide the same positive outcomes. In this book, we will explore the importance of developing culturally competent educators in the United States education system, the research that supports the benefits of international education experiences, and how to develop effective international education experiences that will prepare pre-service teachers for the classrooms of the next decade and beyond.

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Austin State University

Joshua Middleton
Howard University
Amy Orville
Slippery Rock University

Chapter 1
Communicating In and Out of The Classroom: Exploring Intercultural Communication Training in Pre-Service Teachers
Alessia Zanin-Yost
Slippery Rock University

Chapter 2
Global Learning for the Global Educator: Agency in Developing Cultural Competence in Teacher Education
Marnie Petray-Covey
Slippery Rock University
Gisela P. Dieter
Slippery Rock University

Chapter 3
Supporting International Experiences through Transformative Learning
Laura Strong
Slippery Rock University
Rachel Schiera
Lander University

Chapter 4
Making the Most of Study Abroad: Improving Outcomes Associated with Cross-cultural Immersion and Engagement
Jennifer Gentzel
University of Pittsburg
Molly Mistretta
Slippery Rock University

Chapter 5
Alumni Reflections: The Effect of International Educational Experiences on Teaching
Jessica A. Hall-Wirth
Slippery Rock University

Chapter 6
Ten Years of Global Citizenship: An Examination of the Long-Term Effects of Study Abroad
Jon Simmons
University of Connecticut
David M. Moss
University of Connecticut

Chapter 7
Promoting Competence in International School Settings: Exploring Sino-Foreign Programs
Mark D. Hogue
Slippery Rock University
Craig Ramsey
Shanghai Wenlai International School

Chapter 8
International Educational Programs in Turkey
Ahmet Simsar
St. Cloud State University
Durmus Burak
Kilis 7 Aralik University, Turkey
Zeynel Amac
Kilis 7 Aralik University, Turkey

Chapter 9
Enhancing Multicultural/Global Competencies of Preservice Teachers Through Virtual Video-Based International Field Experience
Alpana Bhattacharya
Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY)

Chapter 10
Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Cultural Competence through a Comparative Education Study Abroad Program
Binaben H. Vanmali
Grand Canyon University
Aric P. Krogstad
Independent Scholar

Chapter 11
More than a Trip Abroad: Transitioning from a Study Abroad Experience to a Major Academic Program
Jeremy M. Lynch
Slippery Rock University
Sara Tours
Slippery Rock University

About the Contributors


Dr. Sara Tours received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education from Florida State University. Through her education at FSU, Dr. Tours finished her master’s degree in Valencia, Spain and started her PhD in Paris, France. She is currently an Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, where she is the International Coordinator for the College of Education. In this role, she facilitates and leads international student teaching abroad. Her research interests include global education, student teachers, play, and forest schools.

Dr. Jeremy Lynch is a Professor of Special Education and the Faculty Development Fellow at Slippery Rock University. He earned his master’s and Doctoral degrees in Special Education and Educational Psychology from West Virginia University with a focus on neurodiverse students and instructional interventions. He has published several book chapters and articles and delivered papers at national and international conferences on mediated field experiences, including mediated international education experiences. Dr. Lynch is the co-coordinator of the International Education Concentration for pre-service teachers at SRU.

Global Education, study abroad, pre-service teachers, teacher education

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Developing Effective International Education Experiences: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for the Classroom





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