Looking at the Sun: New Writings in Modern Personalism [E-book, PDF]

Looking at the Sun: New Writings in Modern Personalism

Simon Smith, Anna Castriota (Eds.)

by Simon Smith (University of Surrey), James Beauregard (Rivier University), Daniel Gustafsson , Jan Nilsson , Stefano Rossi , Julian Stern , David Treanor , Dries Deweeer , Benjamin Bàcle , Torgeir Fjeld

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Every kind of exploration is touched in some way by a philosophy of persons; touched and often vitally enhanced. This collection sets out to mine this rich seam of influence, bringing together authors keen to strike new developments and applications. Together, they have put their philosophy of persons to work in fields as wide-ranging as the moral and the metaphysical, the practical and the political, the cultural and the cosmological. In doing so, they have drawn on and illustrated the depth and breadth of modern Personalist thought, demonstrating its crucial relevance to debates across the entire philosophical spectrum.

Whether they are familiar with the Personalist tradition or no, readers from every corner of the philosophical world will find much here to challenge and stimulate them. Most importantly, they will find a new and badly needed philosophical perspective.

1. “Are Persons Substances? Some Hints From Robert Spaerman and Edit Stein"
Dr. Stefano Rossi

2. “Technology: A View From Personalism”
Dr. James Beauregard

3. “Recoeur’s Reconsideration of Personalism: A New Perspective”
Dr. Dries Deweever

4. “Neither Here Nor There: Personalism, Poetry And Emmanuel Mounier’s Pluralist Society”
Dr. Benjamin Bàcle

5. “From Selfhood to Personhood: Personal Flourishing in the Trinitarian Likeness”
Dr. Daniel Gustafsson

6. "Philosophical Implications of the Concept of Trinity”
Jan Nilsson

7. ”Euthanasia: A Persons-In-Relations Perspectives”
Dr. David Treanor

8. ”Presencing The Writer:Immanence and Ecstatic Communion in Clockwork Orange And Naked”
Dr. Torgeir Fjeld

9. "Missing Solitude:MacMurray, Buber And The Edges Of Personalism”
Prof. Julian Stern

10. “Convergence Of Cosmologies: Personal Analogies In Modern Physics And Modern Metaphysics”
Dr. Simon Smith

Simon Smith: Simon Smith is the editor of <i>Appraisal</i>, journal of the British Personalist Forum. He holds a DPhil from the University of Sussex and taught Philosophy at the University of Southampton, UK and at the College of Business and Science in Oman. He now belongs to the Open Research Team at the University of Surrey. His areas of research: the relationship between Religion and Science through the diverse forms of personal analogy at work in modern Physics and modern Metaphysics. Latest book published: <i>Beyond Realism: Seeking the Divine Other</i>, Vernon Press, 2017.

Anna Castriota: Italian but resident in Oxford, UK since 1994 when she first came after she had been awarded with a post-doctoral scholarship by her Italian University: Universita’ Degli Studi di Bari. Her academic titles are: Laura in Filosofia with a doctoral thesis “The Logic of Question and Answer in R.G. Collingwood and H.G. Gadamer” awarded with 110 summa cum laude. Visiting fellow position at Pembroke College, University of Oxford (1994-5); advisor for Italy for the European Centre for Democracy, University of Riga; lecturer in Politics, International Relations and Terrorism at St Clare’s College, Oxford.
Areas of research: Philosophy of Fascism and esoteric Nazism, Theosophy and Metaphysics of Nazism, neo-Idealism and R.G. Collingwood, continental Christian Personalism.

personalism, ethics, metaphysics, technology, solitude, immanence, selfhood, personhood, Recoeur, Mounier, Euthanasia, Buber

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Looking at the Sun: New Writings in Modern Personalism





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