Germanic Philology: Perspectives in Linguistics and Literature

Heiko Wiggers, Tina Boyer (Eds.)

by Robin Cummins (University of Wisconsin at Madison), John Paul Ewing (Indiana University at Bloomington), Adam Oberlin (Princeton), Annegret Oehme (University of Washington at Seattle), Karen Roesch (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, Max Kade German-American Research and Resource Center), Alexander Sager (University of Georgia), James M. Stratton (Pennsylvania State University), Ulrike Wagner (Bard College, Berlin, Germany)

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'Germanic Philology: Perspectives in Linguistics and Literature' offers new, compelling, and thought-provoking contributions to the field of Germanic Linguistics. Nine authors from three different continents (North America, Europe, and South America) present in this edited volume their latest research on such diverse topics as Old High German, Old Saxon and Early New High German poetry, Yiddish, German Heritage speakers in the U.S., Germanic language periodization, paleography, and gender issues in Modern Standard German.

'Germanic Philology: Perspectives in Linguistics and Literature' strives to rekindle dialogue and discourse about topics in Germanic Linguistics while at the same time providing innovative and interesting talking points to the discipline in an international, trans-Atlantic framework.

The articles featured in this volume will appeal to students and instructors of Germanic Linguistics alike as well as to anyone interested in this subject.

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Tina Boyer
Wake Forest University
Chapter 1 On Language History and Extralinguistic Periodization in Germanic
Adam Oberlin
Chapter 2 Metaphor and Metonymy in Germanic Noun Periphrasis
John Paul Ewing
Indiana University Bloomington
Chapter 3 Scribal Errors and Peculiarities in the Hildebrandslied
Robin Cummins
University of Wisconsin Madison
Chapter 4 gedencken der pender: A New Reading of Hugo von Montfort’s “min dienst und gruzz me tausent stunt” (no. 6)
Alexander Sager
University of Georgia
Chapter 5 Yiddish, Power, and Compassion: Emotive Language in Wagenseil’s Belehrung (1699)
Annegret Oehme
University of Washington
Chapter 6 Gendered Variation in Spoken German: Has Prescriptivism Affected the Vernacular?
James M. Stratton
Pennsylvania State University
Chapter 7 Dialect contact and language death: Morphological leveling in an Indiana German heritage variety
Karen Rösch
Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis
Chapter 8 Nineteenth-Century American Translations of German Philology
Ulrike Wagner
Bard College Berlin

Tina Boyer (Ph. D. Medieval German Literature and Linguistics, UC Davis) is an Associate Professor of German at Wake Forest University. Her publications include ‘The Giant Hero in Medieval Literature’ (Brill, 2016), articles on monstrous identity in bridal quest epics, anti-Semitism, and the intersection of medieval literature and the internet. She has contributed chapters in ‘Heads Will Roll: Decapitation in the Medieval and Early Modern Imagination’ (Brill, 2012) and ‘American/Medieval: Nature and Mind in Cultural Transfer’ (Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 2016). Her specialty is medieval German literature, with a focus on monstrosity and hyper-masculinity in epics and romances. Her secondary specializations are second language acquisition and historical linguistics.

Heiko Wiggers was an Associate Professor of German at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. He received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Texas at Austin and dedicated 19 years to teaching and research at Wake Forest University. His main areas of research were Low German, endangered languages, sociolinguistics, and Business German. His secondary specializations were German history and foreign language acquisition. He published extensively on the present and past state of the Low German language. Recent publications include: "Niederdeutsch und andere kleine Sprachen auf Wikipedia" (2020, 'Jahrbuch der Klaus-Groth-Gesellschaft,' Band 62, Boyens Verlag), "Wij proat ook Platt: Professional Register and Regional Dialect" (2015, 'International Journal of Language Studies') and "Living with L: H-Speakers’ Perception of the L-Variety in Northern Germany" (2012, 'Journal of Germanic Linguistics,' Vol. 24 (4).

Old High German, Old Saxon, Middle High German, Early New High German, Modern Standard German, Yiddish, Heritage German, Heliand, poetry, Lexical Analysis, Periodization of Germanic Languages, Sociolinguistics, Paleography, Dialectal Studies, Language Variation

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Germanic Philology: Perspectives in Linguistics and Literature





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July 2024