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Subject: Language and Linguistics

Three Hollywood Stalwarts in Literature

A Study in Film Perception Through References to Peck, Mitchum and Holden

Henryk Hoffmann

October 2021 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-288-2
Availability: In stock
373pp. ¦ $73 £53 €60

This book focuses on the perception of the names, personae, performances and films of three Hollywood megastars, Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and William Holden, as presented in the references and allusions encountered in American and foreign literature. Its secondary aim is to establish the ‘impact factor’ of the three actors and their major films and provide extensive data for further studies on the complex and bilateral relationships between film and literature. The pertinent quotations in ‘Three Hollywood Stalwarts in Literature: A Study in Film Perception Through References to Peck, Mitchum and Holden’ have been extracted from nearly 220 works by about 140 authors. The majority of the works were written by acclaimed authors; amongst them are some well-known American mainstream writers such as John Updike, John Irving, Fannie Flagg and Anne Tyler; some leaders of the mystery genre include Martha Grimes, Stuart Kaminsky, Elmore Leonard, Sara Paretsky; and a few masters of other popular genres, such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. The global flavor of the citations is provided by international authors (e.g., Julio Cortázar, Elizabeth Hay, Henri Charrière, Sebastien Japrisot) and authors born to first-generation U.S. immigrants (e.g., Oscar Hijuelos). Almost seventy films referenced in world literature are discussed in the book, and those mentioned in the biggest number of works include ‘Sunset Boulevard’, ‘The Wild Bunch’, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘Spellbound’, ‘The Guns of Navarone’, and ‘Duel in the Sun’, among others. This book will appeal to college professors and students interested in film studies, specifically film analysis and criticism, film perception, and film genres. It will also hold interest for the general reader interested in biographies of movie personalities and the careers of the three actors, movie and stage actors, and fans of the western, film noir, and war genres.

A Handbook for African Mother-Tongue Bible Translators

Isaac Boaheng, University of Free State, South Africa

September 2021 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-293-6
Availability: In stock
245pp. ¦ $57 £41 €47

‘A Handbook for African Mother-Tongue Bible Translators’ examines key theoretical and practical issues to equip readers with the basic skills required to translate the Bible naturally, accurately, faithfully and clearly into their mother tongues. Since accurate translation enhances the interpretation and application of Scripture, the book will also improve the hermeneutical ability of the reader. The book is divided into two parts: the first part deals with theoretical issues related to Bible translation in general (with the African context in focus), and the second focuses on the key practical matters in translation. This text will appeal to undergraduate and graduate seminary students and students of translation studies at private and public universities in Africa and beyond; Bible translators and consultants will also find the text useful.

Analyzing Multimodality in Specialized Discourse Settings

Innovative Research Methods and Applications

Edited by Veronica Bonsignori, University of Rome “Foro Italico”, Rome, Italy et al.

ISBN: 978-1-64889-103-8
Availability: Pre-order
$81 £63 €69

Contemporary society has witnessed radical changes in the field of communications in terms of how messages and meanings are disseminated. Digitalisation and the Internet have signalled an exponential rise in the circulation of multimodal texts in which different semiotic resources are orchestrated together to construct meaning in all areas of social life, across languages and cultures, and in diverse specialized discourse domains. This has foregrounded the need to examine the semiotic functions, affordances, and issues at stake in a range of multimodal discourse forms, while simultaneously highlighting the importance of critical multimodal literacy in audiences and learners. This volume develops and extends pioneering research on the intersection between multimodality and specialized discourse. Eight newly commissioned studies offer innovative perspectives on multimodal research methodologies and applications in a variety of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) contexts for practitioners and scholars alike. The volume offers a glimpse at future directions in this dynamic and ever-evolving area of investigation focusing on the synergy between verbal and non-verbal modes of communication in the digital age. Each chapter explores an original area of application: academic, economic, scientific, marketing, legal, medical, political, and tourism. The contributors approach multimodality from a range of theoretical and methodological viewpoints including synchronic and diachronic corpus-based and corpus-aided studies, critical discourse analysis, and systemic functional linguistics. Analytical tools such as multimodal (critical) discourse analysis, multimodal transcription, and multimodal annotation software capable of representing the interplay of different semiotic modes - speech, intonation, direction of gaze, facial expressions, gesturing, and spatial positioning of interlocutors - are employed. The diversity of research strands contained in the volume illustrates just some of the vast areas of multimodal knowledge dissemination that are still unmapped. As a cornerstone of communication, multimodality needs exploring in all its facets. These contributions aim to further that cause.

Discursos e Identidades en la Ficción Romántica / Discourses and Identities in Romance Fiction

Visiones Anglófonas de Madeira y Canarias / Anglophone Visions from Madeira and the Canaries

Edited by María Isabel González Cruz, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

ISBN: 978-1-64889-088-8
Availability: Available 4 weeks
406pp. ¦ $88 £69 €76

Despreciado por la crítica por su condición de literatura popular y femenina, el género romántico no solo continúa imbatible en el mercado editorial con su elevado índice de ventas, sino que en las últimas décadas está siendo objeto de interesantes estudios académicos. "Discursos e Identidades en la Ficción Romántica" se suma a esta corriente, al abordar el análisis interdisciplinar de un corpus de novelas publicadas en lengua inglesa entre 1955 y 2004. Ambientados en las islas atlánticas de Madeira y Canarias, estos textos encierran una variedad de discursos que ponen de manifiesto una visión muy anglófona de los lugares visitados por las protagonistas. Además del esperado discurso de género, en sus páginas se detecta un discurso del paraíso que resalta el exotismo de las islas, despertando en ocasiones la concienciación medioambiental, aunque también se perciben actitudes lingüísticas e incluso raciales, a medida que las autoras indagan en el descubrimiento del Otro. Ni los personajes ni los narradores son ajenos al choque de identidades y al contacto lingüístico (anglo-español y anglo-portugués), de manera que los conflictos que generan la identidad nacional, la identidad de género y la identidad étnica se vislumbran claramente tras la aparente sencillez de la intriga amorosa de este tipo de novelas. Disdained by critics for its status as popular and feminine literature, romance fiction not only remains unbeatable in the publishing market in terms of sales, but has also been the subject of interesting academic studies in recent decades. "Discourses and Identities in Romance Fiction" joins this trend by addressing the interdisciplinary analysis of a corpus of novels published in English between 1955 and 2004. Set on the Atlantic islands of Madeira and the Canaries, these texts develop a variety of discourses that reveal a very Anglophone vision of the places visited by their protagonists. In addition to the expected gender discourse, these romances tend to include a paradise narrative that highlights the exoticism of the islands, sometimes awakening environmental awareness. Linguistic and even racial attitudes also come to the forefront, as the writers explore and describe the features of the Other. Neither the characters nor the narrators are oblivious to the clash of identities and the linguistic contact (English-Spanish and English-Portuguese) exposed in this type of novels, revealing the conflicts generated by national, gender and/or ethnic identities behind the apparent simplicity of their love plots.

Del salvaje siglo XIX al inestable siglo XX en las letras transatlánticas: Una mirada retrospectiva a través de hispanistas

Edited by Ana Isabel Simón Alegre, Adelphi University

August 2021 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-174-8
Availability: In stock
316pp. ¦ $87 £67 €74

El propósito del libro 'Del salvaje siglo XIX al inestable siglo XX en las letras transatlánticas: una mirada retrospectiva a través de hispanistas' es presentar un trabajo de enfoque multidisciplinar dividido en torno a tres ejes temáticos. El nexo de unión de los dieciséis capítulos que componen este libro es que todos ellos cuentan con un aparato crítico y metodológico vinculado a los estudios transatlánticos o al hispanismo. La primera sección presenta las rutas fluidas existentes entre ambas orillas del Atlántico, que facilitaron el movimiento de personas y el intercambio de conocimientos desde el siglo XIX y que todavía, a principios del siglo XXI, continúan activas. Todos ellos miraban lo que estaba más allá del horizonte como una respuesta a algún tipo de inquietud. En definitiva, lo que une a estos viajes es que conectaron los diferentes mundos de las humanidades y de las ciencias de ambas orillas de la larga costa atlántica. Además, enriquecieron la disciplina del hispanismo a través de las metas específicas por las que cada desplazamiento se puso en marcha. Los dos apartados siguientes incluyen investigaciones centradas en su siglo correspondiente, que recogen aproximaciones novedosas gracias al diálogo entablado con trabajos de referencia dentro del hispanismo y los estudios transatlánticos. De este modo, la sección centrada en el “salvaje siglo XIX”, recoge ensayos que ligan la crítica literaria con el ecofeminismo, otros que presentan una cartografía de las emociones y de las ideas sexuales a través de una lectura crítica de la ficción y el análisis de la imagen ligada al desarrollo de empresas literarias femeninas. Por su parte, la sección dedicada al “inestable siglo XX” llega con sus investigaciones incluso hasta la actualidad, bien porque recoge películas y figuras presentes en el discurso fílmico reciente, bien porque presenta a personas que, nacidas ya en el siglo XX, a día de hoy están activas en el mundo literario-cultural a ambos lados del Atlántico. La combinación de estos tres ejes ofrece en este libro una aproximación novedosa dentro de la disciplina del hispanismo y de los estudios transatlánticos. Este libro, pues, se ofrece como una herramienta útil para continuar reflexionando acerca de cómo las rutas transatlánticas del conocimiento continúan alimentando el desarrollo de las humanidades en aras de una comunidad que supera cualquier tipo de frontera. Por último, esta obra pretende constituirse como material pedagógico a través de su apoyo a ideas como la justicia social, el activismo o el intercambio de conocimiento como parte fundamental en las conexiones entre la amplia comunidad de personas hispanohablantes y los centros de producción intelectual y cultural a lo largo de las amplias costas atlánticas.