Academic recognition

Vernon Press is included on the Finnish Publication Forum's list of scholarly book publishers with a classification 1 (“peer-reviewed publication channels that are specialised in the publication of scientific research outcomes and have an editorial board of experts of the discipline”). The Finnish Publication Forum (JUFO in Finnish) is a rating and classification system to support the quality assessment of research output. It maintains a list of publishers classified by Expert Panels of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). The Publication Forum/JUFO list is used extensively in formal research evaluation exercises in Finland. You can download the list (in excel format) here. 

Vernon Press is included on the Nordic List (Norwegian Register for Scientific Publishers) as a Level 1 scientific book publisher as determined by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) . To become a Level 1 publisher, it is required that you comply with the NSD’s definition of scientific publications, have an academic publishing program with an external peer-review process and have a national or international authorship (meaning that a maximum of 2/3 of your authors belong to the same institution). Operated jointly by the National Board of Scholarly Publishing (NPU) and the NSD on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, this prestigious list strives to develop a common registry of authorized research publication channels that will be referenced both nationally and internationally. Countries that have no national lists of approved scholarly publishers are already using or planning to use the Nordic List. For example, Sweden, Greenland and the Faroe Islands all have plans to use the Nordic List as a tool to make their own national registries. In addition, from January 2016 the Nordic List has been used to accredit research publications in South Africa.

Vernon Press is included on the list of scholarly publishers maintained by The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC in Spanish) with a detailed classification of its procedures for manuscript selection and peer review (see entry for Vernon Art and Science). According to BOE the aforementioned CSIC list (Selección de originales) is used in formal research evaluation exercises in Spain.

Vernon Press is included on the Polish list of scholarly publishers recognised by the Ministry of  Science and Higher Education and the Science Evaluation Commission (KEN) as a Level 1 scientific book publisher. Our presence on this list signifies that we meet the KEN’s ethical principles, in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follow an established peer-review procedure in all of our scientific publications.You can see the complete list (in Polish) here.


Our books are indexed in Bowkers Books in Print, Nielsen, Ingram Content, RePEc (for books in economics), PhilPapers (for books in philosophy) and CNKI (for the Chinese market), among others. Our books' interiors are searchable and partly viewable using Google Books and Amazon's "Look Inside The Book" (LITB) feature.  Each book's page on our website uses web meta tags that ensure it is indexed by specialized search engines such as Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic. We have agreements to distribute our ebooks in the most popular electronic collections, including EBSCO, Proquest, CNKI and Cyberlibris. Vernon Press is among the select academic publishers that are part of the YBP Approval Plan, which means that all our titles get the distinct benefits of profiling by the largest library wholesaler, potentially reaching over 4,000 libraries worldwide. As shown by holdings of our ISBNs reported by libraries in WorldCat, our titles are purchased by hundreds of academic libraries worldwide. 

Page last updated on January 20th 2020. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.