Reasons to publish with Vernon Press

Constructive peer review, high production standards, timely publication, attractive terms, flexibility on sharing and re-use and an extensive marketing and distribution network distinguish us from other publishers. For more details about how we select, produce and promote our books please also visit our Resources for Authors page.

Editorial values and standards 

A work's contribution to knowledge, irrespective of approach or perspective, is the central criterion of our acquisition process. All our accepted manuscripts must be scientifically rigorous and of current academic interest. However saleability is not as central to our acquisition process as may often be the case with other publishers. Peer review, in-house editorial expertise and collaboration with advisory editors, library information specialists, academic associations and other research communities ensure our titles are relevant and of a high academic standard. Our commitment to scholarship has been recognized with inclusion in the lists of academic publishers maintained by the Spanish National Research Council, the Finnish Publication Forum and the Norwegian Centre for Research Data.

Quality commitment

Our manuscript selection emphasizes scientific rigor and thanks to our growing community of reviewers, all our books are peer reviewed. We employ tried-and-tested quality control processes in all stages of production. Our editorial checks ensure that all books adhere to high standards of consistency, readability and coherence. Our experienced production editors adopt a pragmatic approach to turning around a manuscript quickly and with only the necessary interventions. We use a mix of technologies to achieve excellent printing and durable hardback binding. An optimized workflow avoids production delays and ensures we harness synergies in marketing.

Maximum exposure

We work closely with industry and academic community partners to understand current trends and market our titles appropriately. In addition to traditional book marketing (flyers, review copies, catalog mailshots), we make extensive use of digital marketing tools (such as those offered by Amazon and Google) and stand ready to work with authors in promotional activities including book launch seminars, conference presentations and, where possible, press reviews. All our books are also published as e-books and more affordable paperbacks. When purchasing from our website, we are able to offer economy shipping at preferential rates to most developing countries. Our books are held by academic libraries worldwide, as shown by holdings of our ISBNs reported in WorldCat. Our books are also made available through a wide range of channels including specialized resellers with a global reach (YBP, EBSCO, ProQuest, Ingram), e-book aggregators, select academic bookshops and of course online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble

No cost & flexibility about sharing

It's simple: we never charge authors for publishing - no hidden fees, no surprises. Our no-charge promise reflects our confidence in commissioning only high quality works, the quality of our production and the efficiency of our workflow. It also serves to protect the independence of our commissioning decisions and safeguard our mission as a publisher of works of high academic standard. Authors of monographs are offered complimentary copies of their book and all authors can purchase additional copies at a 40% discount. Authors can self-archive preprints of their work (partly or in full) subject to conditions. An Open Access option is available subject to institutional funding.

Individual attention

We care for and pay attention to the needs of each of our authors. We are responsive to author queries and strive to keep you abreast of your manuscript's progress towards publication. We only enlist qualified and sufficiently motivated experts to review your work and guide them to offer constructive criticism. This ensures that peer reviews are thorough, constructive and respectful of your effort as an author. We work closely with authors at all stages and can accommodate individual needs in editing, typesetting, visual reproduction/cover design and marketing.

Page last updated on January 3rd 2023. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.