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We welcome academic book proposals from both experienced and first-time authors. If you are considering a monograph, handbook or edited volume feel free to drop us a line with an outline of your proposal. 
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Reasons to publish with Vernon Press
Resources for Authors for details about how we select, produce and promote our books.

What we publish

We publish academic books across the social sciences and the humanities, with a particular interest in the following subjects:

  • Economics; Political Science and International Relations;
  • Social Science; Cognitive Science and Psychology
  • Communication and Journalism; Language and Linguistics
  • Art; Philosophy; History; Anthropology; Education
  • Statistics; Business and Finance; Human Geography

We don’t publish novels, poetry, screenplays, artistic originals or other works of primarily literary/artistic (rather than academic/scholarly) value unless it is combined with some critical and/or reflective analysis and commentary (e.g. a Critical Edition) that would be of interest to the academic communities we serve. We don't publish academic journals and are not associated with any company that does.

In keeping with our mission to support pluralism and intellectual diversity, we are now accepting proposals for books written in Spanish (for the time being only on the subjects of art, economics and cognitive science). We aim to be in a position to accept proposals in other languages, including French and Portuguese, in the near future.

How to publish with us

Please send a short book proposal (5 pages maximum) to To ensure we have enough information to consider your proposal please follow our proposal preparation guidelines. If your proposal interests us we will then invite you to submit your full manuscript that will then be sent out for peer review
We are committed to replying to all complete proposals and endeavor to offer constructive feedback whenever possible. For topics of active interest see our open Calls for Proposals. See also the interests of our Advisory Editors.

If you would like your manuscript to also be considered for inclusion to our BLS initiative for a possible translation into Spanish (or for Spanish texts, into English) please mention this as part of your proposal. 
See here for more information about BLS, including costs.

Page last updated on October 18th 2019. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.