Vernon Press authors awarded research prizes

The #StopCorruption Association met on December 17, 2019 to reward the work of researchers and students on the subject of fighting against corruption. We are pleased to announce that Sophia Wickberg, from the Centre d’Études Européennes et de Politique Comparée, was awarded the research prize for her chapter on the fluctuating boundaries of the concept of corruption. The chapter, called “Political Corruption in a World in Transition: The Fluctuating Boundaries of Corruption,” is included in the volume edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Éric Phélippeau Political Corruption in a World in Transition (October 2019). 

As a whole, the volume has garnered critical praise, most notably by Michael Johnston Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science Emeritus (Colgate University) who remarked:

This timely and provocative book will disrupt current debates on corruption and reform in useful ways. It takes up new and important issues such as populism and “legal corruption” in the context of cases that have long deserved more scholarly attention, yet likens them effectively to longer-standing theories and concepts. Populists and international aid programs are shown to require fresh and careful thought. The language and appearances associated with corruption issues are considered in innovative ways. Corruption scholarship and reform thinking, seemingly frozen in time for a generation, are beginning to move in new directions, and this book will give those trends added impetus.

To order the volume in which the award-winning chapter is included see:

We would also like to congratulate Éric Phélippeau, one of the editors of this volume, for winning first prize in the "Scientific Publications" category for his book L'argent de la politique (Presses de Science Po, 2018).

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