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Series: Series in Politics

Bandwagoning in International Relations: China, Russia, and Their Neighbors

Dylan Motin, Kangwon National University, Korea

January 2024 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-833-4
Availability: In stock
186pp. ¦ $57 £45 €53

Whether states balance against or bandwagon with threatening great powers remains an unsolved problem for international relations theory. One school argues that military power compels minor powers to accommodate threats, while another defends that it elicits balancing instead. With the emergence of potential hegemons in both Asia and Europe — namely China and Russia — understanding state alignment is more urgent than ever. This book shows that bandwagoning has been a rare choice in contemporary Asia and Europe. The only states that chose bandwagoning with China or Russia faced both conflicts with third rivals and low levels of U.S. assistance. Going further, I divide bandwagoning between full alignment, survival accommodation, and profit accommodation. Bandwagoners choose among these three options based on the severity of the threat posed by the potential hegemon, the intensity of third conflicts, and the level of U.S. assistance. I test this novel theory against three European (Armenia, Belarus, and Serbia) and four Asian (Cambodia, Myanmar, North Korea, and Pakistan) cases. This study is the first to provide an exhaustive and compelling explanation of bandwagoning fully compatible with neorealism and adds to the balancing-bandwagoning debate. Beyond scholarly implications, this research’s findings offer advice for policymakers concerned with the changing balance of power in Asia and Europe and how to counter China and Russia’s influence.

Lessons from Regional Responses to Security, Health and Environmental Challenges in Latin America

Edited by Ivo Ganchev, Founder of the Centre for Regional Integration, UK

November 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-773-3
Availability: In stock
358pp. ¦ $95 £80 €88

What is the role of regional organizations in maintaining security across different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)? How did COVID-19 impact states in the region and what types of collective action have helped respond to public health emergencies? In what way is LAC environmental policy formulated and what broader lessons can be drawn for the Global South? This edited volume addresses these questions, revealing the reasons behind the successes and failures of LAC regional responses to collective challenges as well as their limitations and potential for future improvement. It contains 11 chapters, authored by 16 authoritative academics who employ methodologically-diverse perspectives. Each chapter provides insights that would be of interest to scholars, students and policy-makers working on the regional governance of LAC and the Global South. The contributions are thematically organised in three parts and produced with pragmatic considerations in mind, discussing existing and potential real solutions to pressing issues.

Tomar la palabra. Islamofobia y participación política después del 15-M

Johanna M. Lems, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

December 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-807-5
Availability: Available 4 weeks
154pp. ¦ $54 £44 €51

'Tomar la palabra' es un análisis basado en la búsqueda de justicia social por medio de la participación sociopolítica, que aborda con cuidado muchos de los temas que determinan y contribuyen a reproducir las situaciones de subalternidad y subordinación a las que se ven sometidas las personas musulmanas en España. Desde un posicionamiento novedoso sobre el islam en el contexto español, al abordar su estudio desde la existencia de musulmanidades diversas, contribuye al avance de los estudios sobre la realidad social y política de las poblaciones musulmanas en nuestro país. El principal objetivo de la autora ha sido identificar los procesos mediante los que las personas musulmanas – o aquellas leídas como tales– tratan de ganar voz y reclamar los derechos que les son negados sistemáticamente. Todo ello con el fin de contribuir a una comprensión más crítica y menos estigmatizadora sobre el islam y las personas musulmanas que viven en España. Se trata de un trabajo interdisciplinario que parte de una investigación etnográfica llevada a cabo entre 2017 y 2020 en distintas partes del territorio estatal. Puede resultar de gran interés como monografía para profesores y estudiantes de cursos de grado y posgrado en disciplinas como sociología, antropología, ciencias políticas, ciencias de las religiones. Igualmente, será de utilidad como obra de consulta en estudios de subalternidad, feministas y de migraciones o para trabajadores sociales, líderes y comunidades religiosas, instituciones gubernamentales y aquellas personas u organizaciones centradas en los derechos humanos, el diálogo interreligioso o las que, en general, quieren estar informadas sobre el escenario político contemporáneo español.

The Singularity of State Repression

Alexei Anisin, Anglo-American University

November 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-799-3
Availability: In stock
210pp. ¦ $76 £61 €71

What sets a single bout of state repression apart from a longer trajectory of political violence? Why does state repression of protesters sometimes result in discrete events of violence while, in other cases, it spurs larger cascades of political violence such as politicide, genocide, or civil war? This book introduces a new framework for state repression and its relationship to different forms of civil resistance. It argues that state repression in the modern era of history is an empirical phenomenon that has been marked by singularity. Through taking the law of coercive responsiveness as a starting point, this book reveals that when political status quos are challenged by civilians, states do respond in law-like ways, but the impact that state repression has on social change is more heterogeneous than previously considered. State repression has brought about indeterminate effects and outcomes across space and time. Through analyzing event-based data featuring 24 variables on a cross-national sample of 171 different protest massacres that arose from 1819-2022, this book provides among the more wide-reaching comparative inquiries into repression and dissent to date. It draws on comparative sequential analysis to identify three different processes in which the sample of cases is matched alongside causal mechanisms and sequence types. The mixed methodological approach drawn in this book features quantitative analysis, process tracing, and qualitative case studies. Readers are taken on a journey through tumultuous periods of political violence that range from 19th-century massacres in the U.S. to 1928 Colombia and 1970s Apartheid, 1990s China, the Arab Spring, and contemporary Syria and Myanmar, among a diverse range of other cases. Along with identifying new quantitative insights into civil resistance strategies and various geographic and temporal dynamics associated with repression, the analyses presented in this book offer timely insight into policies that can aid the prevention of human rights violations.

The Dynamic Social Contract: An American Case Study

Andre Smith

February 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-599-9
Availability: In stock
152pp. ¦ $51 £40 €47

This book continues an exploration begun by Charles Mills and Carole Pateman with their examinations of the nuisances of the Western social contract. The work examines the social contract within the variable of space or proximity and incorporates concepts first proposed by Benedict Anderson, that of concepts of shared communal belonging or imagined. The social contract is explored as a dynamic sociopolitical instrument that is influenced by the context of human interactions, specifically, space. Space or proximity exists as a variable, either increasing interactions and challenging sociopolitical norms, or decreasing interactions and reinforcing sociopolitical norms. We can trace proximity within a sociopolitical model, with connections becoming more and more abstract as proximity increases and group membership becomes more abstract — global, global region, nation, religion, ethnicity, national region, city, town/village, and kin. We accept that kinship or hereditary connections are the most atomistic. And within this tree of proximity, as proximity increases the ties of group membership become more tenuous, and the incentive of collective action decreases production is the binding glue of the world economic system, and the framework of the study, but it is within the bounds of the productive system that the challenge of proximity and membership collide. The collision occurs as the proximity of production increases, and the reaction is a dynamic response within the social contract, witnessed as a retraction.