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Language: English

Advances in Brand Semiotics & Discourse Studies

Edited by George Rossolatos

ISBN: 978-1-64889-591-3
Availability: Pre-order
$87 £72 €83

Post45 Vs. The World: Literary Perspectives on the Global Contemporary

Edited by William G. Welty

ISBN: 978-1-64889-479-4
Availability: Pre-order
$68 £57 €65

The Atlantic as Mythical Space: An Essay on Medieval Ethea

Alfonso J. Garcia-Osuna, Hofstra University

ISBN: 978-1-64889-173-1
Availability: Pre-order
$59 £44 €50

Black Panther: Wakandan “Civitas” and Panthering Futurity

Edited by Jorge Serrano, University of Delaware

November 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-116-8
Availability: In stock
239pp. ¦ $87 £72 €82

This interdisciplinary academic study is for readers interested in film, media, and the comic book genre. Superhero theories are abundant, especially considering their use as a tool for coping with adversity, and some note that it is an integral part of American society, young formative minds, in particular. It is not just about learning morals but also seeing how an ideal society should function and look. There are works that review superheroes and theories about comic book series adaptions in film and text, but the writers in this compendium engage not only with the film and the intersectionality of women, Asian culture, Du Bois, and even Greek Ajax and others for comparison but also comparative analysis of works that capture African and African diasporic representation throughout various historical time periods. The anthology presents discourse that engages a variety of assessments that involve questions of positive and pejorative representation. Educators will find this a useful tool for undergraduate students as well as general audiences interested in this popular film/comic series.

Common and Uncommon Quotes: A Theory and History of Epigraphs

Jared Griffin, University of Alaska Anchorage

ISBN: 978-1-64889-114-4
Availability: Pre-order
$75 £59 €70

This history and rhetorical study of epigraphs builds on the initial theoretical work on paratextuality by Gérard Genette by exploring how the rhetoric of epigraphs functions in English literature. The author brings the readers a comprehensive understanding of epigraphs in their literary contexts, building on an understanding of epigraphs that has been largely simplistic, relegated primarily to literary dictionary definitions. Thus, this book explores the social and rhetorical functions of epigraphs, arguing that they are employed by epigraphers not only to articulate a thematic connection between texts, but also—more importantly—to build a community of readers, authority, and meaning. Common and Uncommon Quotes: A History of Epigraphs in English Literature contextualizes epigraphy in literary history, tracing the various trends, interpretations, and roles of epigraphy from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century. This study will demonstrate how epigraphs were used in the reinvigoration of Greek and Roman culture in 17th-century epigraphy, helped to create the modern English canon in the 18th and 19th centuries, signified the secular-literary shift of scriptural references in the 19th, contributed to the 20th-century age of irony, and emphasized the modernist/post-modernist unreliability of authority. To accomplish this, the author examines thousands of epigraphs in English literature from the 16th to the 21st century to build a history and rhetoric of influence, of reading, of community, and to show how epigraphs are an author’s attempt to establish a particular ethos, thereby inferring and exerting control of how their works are read and interpreted. This book will appeal to independent scholars, researchers, and students at all levels working on English literature, literary studies, and paratext studies