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Series: Series in Philosophy of Race

Series editor: Leland Harper, Siena Heights University.

The Philosophy of Race series is set to feature a broad range of publications that center upon the concept of race. The concept of race has had and continues to have important philosophical, sociological, existential, historical, psychological, legal, and political implications, and this series aims to put a spotlight on some of the rigorous research that is being done in this arena. This series will engage professionals, students, and the educated public who are interested in race, racialization, and the various ways in which these concepts show themselves.

Dialoguing With Critical Race Theory: Constitutional and Christian Links

Mark Ellingsen, Interdenominational Theological Center

ISBN: 978-1-64889-896-9
Availability: Forthcoming
$54 £43 €50

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is certainly a hot topic. No longer just the legal theory it was originally designed to be, it has become an icon for determining which side you are on concerning racism. Most of the loudest voices, especially in the debate about CRT in our schools, seem not to have actually studied the theory. This is a book to get you into the heart of CRT’s actual analysis and prescriptions. It’s a book to get Americans to stop all the shouting and really find out what CRT teaches. It might also contribute to getting more civility into our public discourse. Ellingsen demonstrates how in fact what Critical Race Theory teaches is in line with our Constitutional system’s realism about political solutions, suspicions of our selfishness, and the majority’s tendency to run roughshod over minorities. He also demonstrates that these commitments are consistent with Christianity’s understanding of original sin and the quest for social justice. Consequently, if critics do not want CRT taught in our schools or to be part of our public discourse, we had better stop teaching the Constitution and Christian values in our schools, to rule these commitments as out of order in our search for common values! Get ready for a stimulating, controversial, well-documented read.