Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being

by Nicholas D. Young (American International College), Melissa A. Mumby (American International College), Jennifer A. Smolinski (American International College)

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'Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being' examines the practice and effectiveness of evidence-based practices in an easy to read, yet deeply meaningful way. The book begins with a deep dive into the mental health epidemic before turning to theory, research and interventions that will empower the clinician to support their patients in the quest for well-being. This is essential reading for counselors, therapists and all those who wish to help make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling.

William M. Fogel, PhD, LMHC, ABSNP
School Psychologist
Four Rivers Charter Public School
Greenfield, MA

Seasoned veterans, new practitioners, and graduate students in the counseling field will all find engaging chapters in 'Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being' that will guide and strengthen their work in the field of counseling. The authors examine evidence-based practices as they apply to individuals, couples, families, special populations, and groups, all with an eye towards successful therapy outcomes. There is no doubt that evidence-based therapies are key to patient well-being, and this book places that knowledge squarely in the reader’s hand.

Elizabeth J. Bienia, EdD
Endicott College, Beverly, MA

'Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being' delves into how best to support a variety of clients using evidence-based therapies and interventions. With an eye towards the future, the book also examines promising practices and offers resources to help even the most seasoned practitioner find interventions and solutions for clients. It behooves both newly minted and veteran practitioners to take time to read and think about how best to use the contents to help others.

Vinnie Regan, MS, MEd
Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MA

Positive mental health is essential in creating a life worth living. 'Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being' joins scientific practice and practical wisdom to meet the needs of both the patient and the clinician. With chapters that focus on understanding and using evidence-based practices in a variety of settings and with clients of all kinds, this book is a must-read for anyone connected with the mental health profession.

Martha H. von Mering, Ph.D.
Administrator of Special Services and Student Support Services
Westfield Public Schools, Westfield, MA

'Maximizing Mental Health Services: Evidence-Based Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being' examines best therapeutic practices for patients, therapists, graduate professors, family members and all who struggle to find the most effective treatment modalities for those dealing with mental health challenges. Mental health issues are rising at an alarming rate, while positive therapeutic outcomes have not kept pace and remain low for many conditions, making an investigation of evidence-based treatment options critically important to the helping profession. While certain types of therapy bring success to specific clients, these modalities cannot be easily applied to all client profiles. Understanding the strengths of each modality and how to match them to the respective needs of the client will be emphasized. Furthermore, the impact of counselors’ own traits on the client-therapist relationship is an important and often overlooked topic that will be explored. Therapy practices have changed over the past decade to include non-traditional options; therefore, the authors investigate the ways in which these practices have either helped or hindered patient success. Lastly, the book offers readers information on resources for further information on the evidence-based practices presented within.




Chapter One
The Mental Health Epidemic: An Introduction

Chapter Two
In Pursuit of Improved Therapeutic Outcomes: Understanding the Potency of Evidence-Based Practices

Chapter Three
Promoting Positive Change One Client at a Time: Evidenced-Based Individual Therapy Practices

Chapter Four
Engaging the Clan: Evidenced-Based Family Therapy Practices

Chapter Five
Expanding the Support System: Evidenced-Based Group Therapy Practices

Chapter Six
When it Takes Two to Make a Personal Life Work: Evidenced-Based Couples Therapy Practices

Chapter Seven
Respecting Individual Differences: Strategies for Working with Special Populations

Chapter Eight
Understanding the Value of the Therapist: Change Agent Characteristics that Promote Positive Outcomes

Chapter Nine
Contemporary Therapeutic Approaches: Cutting-Edge Practices with Promise

Chapter Ten
Professional Resources for Counselors: Organizations and EBP Resources



About the Authors

Nicholas D. Young, PhD, EdD has worked in diverse professional roles for more than 30 years, serving as a teacher, principal, counselor, special education director, graduate professor, graduate dean, superintendent of schools, and longtime psychologist with clinical and educational specialties. Dr. Young holds several graduate degrees including a PhD in educational administration and an EdD in psychology. He was named the Massachusetts Superintendent of the Year and completed a distinguished Fulbright Program. Dr. Young has also published extensively in the fields of counseling, psychology, and education.

Melissa A Mumby, EdD has worked in various levels of K-12 education for over a decade. She began her career as a high school English and drama teacher and then transitioned into a role as a special educator, working with both middle and high school students. From there she became a special education coordinator for grades K-5, and eventually the special education director for grades K-12 at a local charter school. She is currently an educational team leader in an urban public school district in Massachusetts. She has written books and book chapters on strategies for helping underperforming students find success in the classroom.

Jennifer A. Smolinski, JD has worked in education for more than three years. Her role within higher education includes the creation of, and coordinator for, the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations at American International College located in Springfield, Massachusetts. She has also taught criminal justice and legal research and writing classes within the field of higher education. Prior to her work at the collegiate level, Attorney Smolinski worked as a solo-practitioner conducting education and disability advocacy. Attorney Smolinski received her law degree from Massachusetts School of Law.

Mental health, mental illness, well-being, emotional well-being, treatment modalities, evidence-based practices, evidence-based treatments, therapeutic outcomes, therapists, counselors, group therapy, couples therapy, special populations

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Maximizing Mental Health Services: Proven Practices that Promote Emotional Well-Being





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