Gunnar Odhner

I was born in Sweden in 1942, grew up in a small town, went one year (1959-60) to high school in Glendale, Arizona as an exchange student and became a journalist in 1968, when my wife and I moved to Canada. I worked there as a journalist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Back in Sweden I took an MA in teaching at the University of Gothenburg. We had two girls born in 1970 and 1975 and settled in the town of Karlstad, Sweden. Following a three-decade long career in teaching, I developed an intense interest in philosophy. In 1996 my first book in that genre was published called "The Third Possibility" and later "Nothing is Hidden" (2011) and "Darwin’s incomplete Idea" (2013) – all in Swedish. I have also published four volumes of poetry, three novels and two autobiographies. I currently live in a small village in Varmland.

Books published with us

Title Darwin’s Incomplete Idea [Hardback]
Subtitle Wittgenstein, language, our place in nature and our responsibility for the environment.
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-474-0
Published in October 2015