Aubrey Malone

Aubrey Malone is an M.A. graduate in English from University College Dublin. He has been reviewing films professionally since 1972 when he wrote for “TCD Miscellany.” In 1977 he became the resident film critic for “Image” magazine and held that position until 1989. That year he became the resident film critic for “Modern woman”, a supplement of “The Meath Chronicle” and held that position until 2002. In 2002 he became the resident film critic for “The Irish Catholic” and has held that position until the present day. His reviews can be seen posted online on this website. Also, he has been a book author since 1996 and has written numerous books on the cinema: “Hollyweird” (Michael O’Mara Books, ( “I Was a fugitive from a Hollywood Trivia Factory” (Prion/Carlton), “The rise and Fall and Rise of Elvis Presley” (Leopold books), “Sacred Profanity” (ABC-CLIO), “Censoring Hollywood” (McFarland), “Maureen O’Hara: The Biography” (University of Kentucky Press), “The Defiant One: A Biography of Tony Curtis” (McFarland) “Hollywood’s Second Sex: The Treatment of Women in Films from 1900-1999” (McFarland). Forthcoming is a biography of Marlon Brando from Propertius Press. He also reviews books on the cinema for various publications and writes film features and profiles for journals and magazines as well.

Books published with us

Title And the Loser is: A History of Oscar Oversights [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-322-4
Published in January 2018