Tetsuaki Iwamoto

The author has a philosophical antipathy towards labeling himself, having been interested in the philosophy of language at some point. However, humoring the publisher’s request he says the following: attending a few universities he met two of Wittgenstein’s disciples as his teachers and was astounded by their narrow-mindedness, which you all too often see in rudimentary academics. Philosophy, if anything, should make people humble and open-minded, teaching us how little we really know. Thus disappointed with the encounters he gave up PhD and instead decided to write up his own ideas, which culminated in ‘The Elementals’- now enjoying some popularity on Philpapers.org. After the abandonment of philosophy and following the example of Thales he became an investment banker, working variously as banking analyst, investment manager, head of research, etc and is personally acquainted with some of the culprits who were directly involved with the Financial Crisis of 2007-08 (and its sister event, the Nordic Crisis 91-92), which earned him some insights into the workings of organizations and people who manage them.

Books published with us

Title Self, History and Future [Hardback]
Subtitle A work on the modality of history
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-473-3
Published in June 2016