Barrie Michael Cole

Dr Barrie M. Cole obtained his BSc Chemical Engineering degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1979. He then embarked on a career in the chemical industry, starting in chemical plant investigations, before moving to production management and then finally to business development. He then transferred to the burgeoning computer industry in 1988 progressing from project management responsibility through to direction of operations in 1997. Following a lengthy recovery from a motor vehicle accident in 2001, he pursued an academic career, obtaining an MSc 2008 and a Ph.D. Eng. (Chemical) in 2015. He has published in journals such as the International Journal of Operational Research and the American Journal of Operations Research and has received a number of academic awards.

Books published with us

Title Supply Chain Optimization under Uncertainty [Hardback]
Subtitle Supply chain design for optimum performance
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-016-2
Published in December 2014