Edward Bond, British playwright dies at the age of 89

We are very sad to hear about Edward Bond's passing this Sunday, March 3rd. Edward Bond was a visionary and an important figure in British Theatre. An English playwright, theatre director, poet, dramatic theorist, and screenwriter, his work is highly controversial yet critically acclaimed. 

The passing of Edward Bond has left the theatrical community in mourning, yet it also serves as a catalyst for contemplation on the lasting influence of drama on confronting, stimulating, and shedding light on the deepest and most intricate elements of human life. Bond's enduring legacy, marked by its significant influence on both theatre and societal norms, is sure to motivate and provoke thought in future generations.

In his memory, we want to share a book we recently published, "Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience," edited by Ugur Ada. Edward Bond himself wrote the foreword to it, which may have been one of his last contributions before his passing. 

Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience

'Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience' focuses on one of the most influential playwrights of Britain, Edward Bond, and his plays for young audiences. The chapters examine the theatrical and pedagogical prospects of the plays on young people which have been mostly staged since 1990s, throughout the globe.
The issues covered in this book involve interdisciplinary studies such as theatre, pedagogy, ethics, children, culture, politics, among others. These topics have crucial importance for the production of plays for young audiences. Apart from this, the book focuses on Bondian Drama and its relation with the dramatic child, involving most of his plays for young audiences. The authors in this volume examine theatrical and pedagogical backgrounds of the plays, discussing critical issues, by questioning the specialities of Bondian drama and present future implications of this for young audiences. This volume presents substantial and elaborate information on crucial issues, and enable detailed discussions from various perspectives on theatre.

Uğur ADA is working as Assistant Professor Doctor at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in Türkiye. He is currently the head of the Foreign Languages Teaching Department. His research areas are Contemporary British Theatre, Applied Theatre/Drama, In-Yer-Face Theatre, Theatre in Education, and Theatre about/for/by/with Young People. Recent publications include 'Eğitimde Tiyatro/Theatre in Education (TiE)' (2021, PegemAkademi), 'Publications in the Field of Theatre: Bibliometric Analysis of International Theatre Studies' (2022), '“What Will It Be Next?”: The Process of ‘Dramatic Child’ in Edward Bond’s Eleven Vest' (2022), 'The Representation of Time through Female Characters in Edward Bond’s Play, At The Inland Sea' (2020).

Title Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-64889-700-9
Published in August 2023

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