Celebrate Women’s Day with us and discover the amazing women behind Vernon Press

Celebrating the Women of Vernon Press: Voices Shaping Intellectual Diversity

As we commemorate Women's Day, Vernon Press takes immense pride in highlighting the exceptional women who contribute to our mission of fostering intellectual diversity and providing a home for ideas of international importance. These talented individuals are not just part of our team; they are at the heart of our identity as an independent publisher of bilingual scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences. Today, we celebrate their stories, passions, and the impactful work they do.

Irene Benavides, The Chameleon: Blending Languages, Cultures, and Activism

Irene Benavides, with her everchanging hair, is our chameleon and a Commissioning & Assistant Editor, bringing her passion for languages and cultures to Vernon Press. With a degree in English linguistics and literature and a Master's degree in book publishing and editing, and another in Spanish teaching, Irene's academic background is as rich as her involvement in amateur theatre and LGBTQ+ activism. She embodies the essence of a linguist geek; Irene is a bit of a gamer and an avid reader, always trying to trace the origin of words and expressions while scaring her Spanish students with the Subjunctive! Irene's multifaceted personality and dedication enrich our editorial team and contribute to our diverse publication portfolio.

Sonia Costa, The Islander: Championing Stories of Empowerment

Sonia Costa, born on Spain’s infamous Balearic islands and also a Commissioning & Assistant Editor, recognizes the transformative power of early reading experiences. With a foundation as a teacher and a Master's degree in editing and publishing, Sonia is passionate about contributing to the creation of books that not only entertain but also educate and inspire. At Vernon Press, she focuses on publishing works that tackle gender inequality, discrimination, and empowerment. Sonia believes in using storytelling as a tool for social change, and her efforts help ensure our publications resonate with and inspire our readers.

Dessy Vassileva, 360º: Merging Marketing, Design, and Linguistics

Dessy Vassileva, our Marketing & Design wizard, brings a 360º multidisciplinary approach to her work at Vernon Press. With degrees in Hispanic Philology, English Studies and Communication, and Marketing, Design, and Advertising, Dessy's diverse educational background equips her with a unique perspective on marketing and design in publishing. Originally from Bulgaria and now living in Spain for over a decade, Dessy's journey reflects her quest for happiness and fulfillment through a blend of her passions. Her work at Vernon Press allows her to have a 360º vision of projects, from inception to completion, and ensures that our projects resonate with audiences, embodying the beauty and complexity of our publications.

Isabel Penalba, The Musician: A Lifelong Passion for Publishing and Computational Linguistics

Isabel Penalba's love for reading, music and academic publishing was evident from an early age. Holding a degree in Audiovisual Communications and being recognized for her poetic talents, Isabel's aspirations have always centered around publishing. Her role as a Commissioning & Assistant Editor is enriched by her curiosity about computational linguistics, demonstrating a fusion of technology and literature, a perfect fit for typesetting, we might add. Isabel's journey reflects our dedication to embracing underrepresented voices and perspectives, furthering our mission to enrich scholarly dialogue.


A day to tell their stories

As we celebrate Women's Day, the stories of Irene, Sonia, Dessy, and Isabel at Vernon Press remind us of the pivotal role women play in shaping ideas, inspiring change, and driving progress within the publishing industry and beyond. Their diverse backgrounds, unwavering dedication, and innovative contributions not only enrich our community but also pave the way for a more inclusive and enlightened society. Together, they exemplify the essence of Vernon Press, championing pluralism, intellectual diversity, and openness.

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