World Poetry Day 2024: A Poetic Invitation from Vernon Press- Special Offer Inside!

Let's celebrate the authors and their scholarly contributions through Vernon Press, with a poetic tribute that focuses on the creativity, research, and knowledge they share with the world.

In the spirit of World Poetry Day, we at Vernon Press believe in the power of words to connect, inspire, and transform. Today, we're reaching out with a poem that captures the essence of our celebration:

In a world where ideas take flight,
Authors pen their dreams by night and light.
Vernon Press, a stage for those
Who seek to share what knowledge shows.


From history's deep, enduring well,
To philosophical questions, spell to spell,
Each page a testament to thought,
A battle of ideas, fought and sought.

This verse is just a glimpse into the beauty and depth we wish to share with you. To extend our celebration beyond words, we're excited to offer you an exclusive promotion: 30% discount on our collection of books on Literature. Use the code VPPOETRY24 at checkout to avail of this special offer, valid from March 20th to March 25th.

Sociology's lens, keen and wide,
Art's expressions, side by side.
Languages that weave and bind,
The tapestry of humankind.


Authors, scholars, minds afire,
Igniting curiosity, never tire.
Through Vernon Press, their voices soar,
A symphony of intellect, lore to lore.


On this day, we raise our pen,
To those who write, again and again.
Celebrating every word and work,
In academic realms, where wonders lurk.


Vernon Press, through every season,
Honors authors, their reason and reason.
For every book and chapter sown,
A universe of thought, grown and grown.


Let the power of poetry and the joy of World Poetry Day enrich your day. Use the code VPPOETRY24 at checkout to use this special offer, valid from March 20th to March 25th.

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