New Title: Spiritualities, Ethics, and Implications of Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence by Christopher Hrynkow (ed.)

Taking a religiously and spiritually literate approach to the ethical issue at hand, Spiritualities, Ethics, and Implications of Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence provides fascinating insight into several emerging issues for human identity and personhood beyond the human, as technology advances in the areas of human enhancement and artificial intelligence (AI). This volume will be of great relevance to university students and researchers interested in issues surrounding spiritualities, human enhancement, and artificial intelligence; while also providing points for reflection for the wider public as these topics become increasingly important to our common future.


"This book delivers a richly diverse range of well-informed and often contrasting perspectives about the ways artificial intelligence and human enhancements dramatically challenge perceptions of human ethics and spirituality... A captivating read.”

Dennis Patrick O'Hara, DC, ND, MDiv, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Former Director, Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology
Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael's College


“…The essays found here are sure to move the discussion forward and deserve the widest possible reading.”
Timothy Harvie

Professor, St. Mary’s University, Calgary, AB


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