Announcement: Vernon Press now features on the Polish List

We are very pleased to announce that Vernon Press is now acknowledged on the Polish List (Polish List of Recognized Scientific Publishers) as a Level 1 scientific book publisher by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Science Evaluation Commission (KEN).

Our presence on this list signifies that we meet the KEN’s ethical principles, in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follow an established peer-review procedure in all of our scientific publications.

In addition to the Polish List, Vernon Press also features on the Nordic List, the Finnish Publication Forum’s list of scholarly book publishers, and a similar list managed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC in Spanish). We are proud that our continued efforts to serve the academic community, providing a home for ideas of international importance, have again been acknowledged with our inclusion on another prestigious list.

Page last updated on January 17th 2020. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.