Call for Book Chapters: Paris in the Americas: Yesterday and Today

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals for the forthcoming scholarly volume Paris in the Americas: Yesterday and Today, an interdisciplinary edited collection of essays that will examine the long-established relationship between Paris and North, Central, and South America from the 15th century until today.

From French architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant's imaginative urban plan for the "Paris on the Potomac" (Washington D.C.), to the Haussmannian boulevards and Beaux-Arts Palaces of Mexico City and "The Paris of Latin America" (Buenos Aires), the influence of Paris in the Americas is present in both physical ways and in less tangible, yet equally important, respects as well.

In some cases, aspects of Parisian intellectual and cultural life crossed the Atlantic through French immigration or the impact of North and especially Latin Americans who studied in the French education system and then returned home. In other instances, ideas and concepts circulating in Paris were disseminated through American cultural productions that created opportunities for contacts, intersections, and interactions of people, spaces, languages, and cultures.

While some traces of these Parisian influences are still visible across the Americas, others have faded away. This begs the question, what shapes or forms does the influence of Paris take across the Americas today?

This volume invites contributions from various disciplines that explore the many facets of Paris’ influence(s) in the Americas both from yesterday and today through a variety of tangible and intangible cultural productions such as, but not limited to:

• Literature
• Linguistics
• Film Studies
• Music and Songs
• Visual Arts and other Media
• Architecture and Urban Planning
• Fashion and Luxury Studies
• Immigration Studies
• Food Studies
• Cultural Studies
• Museum Studies
• Medicine and Health
• Contributions on Teaching about Paris’ Influence(s) in the Americas
• Other relevant fields of study considered

Submission Instructions and Timeline:
Authors of accepted proposals will be asked to contribute an original essay in English of 6,000 words (Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 12, double spaced) with a bibliography. Previously published work will not be considered for this double blind peer-reviewed edited volume.
Please submit a 300-word abstract and 100-word biography, plus C.V., to the editor at by October 1st, 2020.

Abstract Due: October 1st, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Nov 1st, 2020
Finalized Draft Due: April 1st, 2021 for blind peer review

About the Publisher:
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This proposal is due on October 1st 2020.

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