Call for Book Chapters: Co-authored book on Neo-Riemannian analysis

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals for a forthcoming scholarly volume on Musicology.

Neo-Riemannian theory and analysis have been developing significantly and branching out across the discipline of music analysis since the beginning of this century. Ever wider repertoires have been researched with the aid of its methodologies, initially focusing on the highly chromatic music of the late nineteenth century, but currently having been applied to repertoires of much wider diversity. This allows for such types of analysis to be taught to music students of all backgrounds in academia, allowing for harmony to be discussed in contexts throughout and beyond Western art music. Having this in mind, we believe that the production of such a co-authored book with neo-Riemannian analytical studies on a variety of repertoires is timely. Vernon Press therefore encourages contributions on (but not limited to) the following broad themes:

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on the chromatic music of the Romantic era

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on post-tonal or early modern music

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on film music

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on jazz

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on rock and other styles of popular music

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on world music

  • Neo-Riemannian analysis on electronic or psychoacoustic music

Proposals which suggest a more visually appealing approach (employing the most common visual tools of neo-Riemannian theory such as the Tonnetz, Cube Dance, 4-Cube trio, Boretz spiders etc.) will be particularly welcome, to allow for a wider audience to be reached, not limited to neo-Riemannians, and even beyond the confines of music analysis and theory. Thus, overly theoretical papers with a more mathematically rigorous grounding may be considered less appropriate for such an audience.

We seek book chapters that range from approximately 5000-8000 words in length to include in this edited collection.

Proposals of 300-500 words accompanied by a biographical note of 100-150 words should be submitted by the 31th of January 2022. Selected authors will be notified by the end of February 2022 and full chapters will be due by July 2022.

Please send your proposals to Bozhidar Chapkanov at

This proposal is due on January 31st 2022.

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