Call for chapter proposals in “Selflessness in Business”


Vernon Press invites chapter proposals on Selflessness in Business. The volume will be edited by Dr. Dominika Ochnik, Katowice School of Economics, Poland.

We invite submissions that explore the selflessness in relations with business and psychology of work. Selflessness is understood from a social perspective as related to self-transcendence (Levenson et al., 2005; Frankl, 2000) and connectedness to others (Dambrun, 2017). This perspective can be helpful in deeper understanding of pro-social behaviors in organizations and its implications (Bolino & Grant, 2016). The manifestations of this approach can be find in acts such as sharing information for a common goal, shared economy, cooperation, team work, or pro-social vocational preferences. What we aim for is to reveal individual, organizational and social benefits and costs of selfless actions in business and work environment and to explore its practical applications.

Possible contributions may include the following topics (non-comprehensive list, open to suggestions):


1.Selected aspects of business selfless actions at individual, organizational and social level

  • Psychological benefits and costs of selfless operations in business
  • Conditions of altruism
  • Selfless actions in the process of team building
  • Loyalty and selflessness in organization
  • Selflessness and organizational culture
  • Selflessness as a strategy of creating relations between organization and environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


2. The role of selflessness in open collaboration

  • The importance of selflessness in sharing knowledge with society (e.g. Wikipedia, social communities and forums)
  • The use of open collaboration in traditional business as a way to innovation


3. Business Ethics: possibilities and limitations

  • Selflessness in business as an ethical category
  • Selflessness as the value of work
  • Selflessness and the meaning of life in business


4. Volunteering as a manifestation of selflessness


Deadline for proposals: 31st January 2018


How to submit your proposal

Please submit one-page proposals including an annotated summary, a short biographical note and (if available) a list of similar titles.

For further questions or to submit your proposal, you can write to: or

A paper that has been published previously may not be included.


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This proposal is due on January 31st 2018.

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