Call for Book Chapters: "Demystifying the dynamics of Crisis and Firms"

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming scholarly volume on multidisciplinary research areas including Business Analytics, Actuarial Science, Finance, Management, Accounting, Economics and Marketing in the critical analysis of crises and firms, edited by Farida Akhtar.

The increasing level of uncertainty associated with crises is becoming unnerving for all types of business operations irrespective of business size and visibility. We have seen the changing disposition of crises over the past two decades which includes but not limited to SARS crises (2002-2003), global financial crises (i.e., GFC of 2008-2009), COVID-19 crises (2020- current), crises caused by sanctions to name few types of crises. While each crisis is unique, generally crises has adverse impact from economic, social, governance, and financial context and some crises can have far reaching effects worldwide for instance GFC and COVID-19. More research is needed from both a single discipline and interdisciplinary field to better understand how business navigate the negative consequence of crises. Interdisciplinary research in business filed is welcome to understand a holistic approach that business could undertake to weather the negative impact of crises. Such research outcomes will help small businesses and large corporations to understand the broader impact of crises from social, economic, cultural, environmental, financial, and regulatory perspectives for both developed and developing nations. For example, what are the mechanism that firms need to consider to be sustainable, where do firms turn to due to crises, how company perform and how does corporate leaders manage operation during crises and post crises, the flow on effect of crises, the importance of innovation, the regulatory
and legal challenges that corporations need to comply with due to crises phase. The focus of this volume is to integrate research from multidisciplinary fields within business to help broader community stakeholders, government, regulators, professionals, and scholars understand the key challenges and critical issues, that corporations/business faces due to crises and how to work around these issues. This will advance knowledge on the relation between crises and firms.

This volume welcomes proposals from both interdisciplinary and single discipline area within business field that focuses on critical analysis and evaluation of firms across different industry within the context of crisis in the following topics but are not limited to:

  • Governance and Performance
  • Business Continuity and Sustainability
  • Network and Supply Chain
  • Reputation and Risk Management
  • Innovation and Information Technology
  • Regulatory and Legal challenges

Chapter proposal submission
Please submit an abstract no longer than 150 words and short biography (max. 100 words) to the editor Dr Farida Akhtar at by February 15, 2024.

Key dates are as follows:
Deadline for abstract submission: June 15, 2024

This proposal is due on February 15th 2024.

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