Call for chapter proposals: Brexit and EU Law: A Way Forward

Vernon Press invites chapter proposals for contributions in the volume on “Brexit and EU Law: A Way Forward”, edited by Marcello Sacco, Leeds University School of Law.


About the volume

The outcome of the European Union membership referendum in 2016 has presented the United Kingdom with one of its greatest challenge of modern times. As negotiations for an exit strategy continue, this volume is keen to open up conversations on the socio-legal implications of such a monumental transition. The purpose of the volume is to provide a platform to discuss some pressing issues that may emerge as a consequence of Brexit. The contributions should be keen to establish possible solutions to the challenges that lay ahead.

The volume addresses socio-legal discourses. Within this broad area, the contributions may focus on different themes and topics. The choice to maintain a broad approach derives from the consciousness that the pressure of Brexit may narrow people’s attention to few topics, whereas the matters connected with the exit strategy are variegated and may be unexpected. The volume seeks to grab this diversity of aspects, providing original contributions that raise uncommon issues and suggest eventual solutions.


How to submit your proposal

The volume has already an important bulk of contributions. However, the Editor would be happy to welcome further proposals. If you want to take part in this project, please submit a one-page abstract directly to the Editor: Marcello Sacco or

Deadline for proposals: July 31st, 2018.


About the publisher

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This proposal is due on July 31st 2018.

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