Poetic Inquiry III: Enchantments of Place [Hardback]


Poetic Inquiry III: Enchantments of Place [Hardback]

  by Pauline Sameshima
Lakehead University, Canada

Pauline Sameshima, Lakehead University, Canada, Alexandra Fidyk, Kedrick James, Carl Leggo (Eds.)

1st edition | Published on: May 2017
270pp |  236mm x 160mm
Subject(s): Literary analysis, Arts-based methods, Art
ISBN: 9781622731237

Availability: Forthcoming

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In the tradition of a decade of bi-annual gatherings of the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry, this volume serves as the fifth refereed symposium anthology. Poetic Inquiry III celebrates poetry and poetic voices—theorizing and exploring poetic inquiry as an approach, methodology, and/or method for use in contemporary research practices.

Poetic inquiry has increased in prominence as a legitimate means by which to collect, assimilate, analyze, and share the results of research across many disciplines. With this collection, we hope to continue to lay the groundwork internationally, for researchers, scholars, graduate students, and the larger community to take up poetic inquiry as a way to approach knowledge generation, learning and sharing.

This volume specifically works to draw attention to the ancient connection between poetry and the natural world with attention to broadening the ecological scope and impact of the work of poetic inquirers. 

Author biography

Pauline Sameshima, lead editor, is a Canada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies at Lakehead University. She was a co-editor of the Poetic Inquiry anthology, Poetic Inquiry: Vibrant Voices in the Social Sciences (2009), the first handbook on poetic inquiry. She is currently a co-editor of the Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

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