Romar Correa

St Andrew’s College, India

Romar Correa works on the interface between micro and macroeconomics in non-neoclassical frameworks. As Reserve Bank of India Professor of Monetary Economics at the University of Mumbai, he delighted in using his freedom to critique policy making by the Central Bank of the country! He is not above using tools like game theory if it elucidates the political economy at hand. He has presented his work at conferences in India, France, Italy, Hong Kong and China. He has published extensively in a wide range of journals, including the Journal of Economic Integration, History of Economic Ideas, International Review of Applied Economics, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, International Game Theory Review, economics e journal, American Review of Political Economy, International Journal of Social Economics.

Books published with us

Title Stock-Flow-Consistent Models and Institutional Variety [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-181-7
Published in May 2017