Amelia Correa

St Andrew’s College, India

Amelia Correa is the Head, Department of Economics, St Andrew’s College, Mumbai. She has been waging battles introducing economics to armies of students since1984. In India, undergoing a perverse transition to full blown capitalism, she makes it her solemn duty to expose her pupils to the horrors of desperate poverty. Thus, she is instrumental in organizing a conference every year where reputed scholars and activists educate teachers and teach on the nuances of the food crisis, the land problem, labour and so on. Her research interests centered around financial arrangements that impact on poverty, resulting in MPhil and PhD dissertations on the subject. Her publications in this area include papers in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics and Applied Economics Letters. On the theme of the book, a paper in the World Review of Political Economy best represents her thinking.

Books published with us

Title Stock-Flow-Consistent Models and Institutional Variety [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-181-7
Published in May 2017