V. C. Thomas

Centre for Phenomenological Sciences, India

Dr V. C. Thomas was appointed professor at Pondicherry University in 1966 and worked as a visiting scholar to the Department of Religious Studies at Bristol University between 1977-78. Eight years later Thomas obtained his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Delhi in 1984. Dr Thomas was awarded the best teacher award in 2011-12 at Pondicherry University, based on selection by students. Thomas has published two books and contributed chapters to several other volumes. He has also published many papers in journals in India, including the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (JICPR), the Indian Philosophical Quarterly, as well as overseas publications such as Analecta Husserliana. Dr Thomas has also acted as editor for four journals including, Asia-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (Australia), Pondicherry University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, the JICPR, and the West Bengal State University Journal of Philosophy. His areas of specialization are phenomenology, existentialism and hermeneutics on which he has organized and lectured in several workshops in India. In October 2017 Dr Thomas conducted a month-long programme of classes exclusively on Husserl’s Phenomenology in Pondicherry.

Books published with us

Title The Essentials of Husserl: Studies in Transcendental Phenomenology [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-913-4
Published in July 2021