Finn Schulze-Feldmann

Warburg Institute

Finn Schulze-Feldmann is a PhD student at the Warburg Institute. In his doctoral studies, he explores the reception of the Sibylline oracles in the context of the Reformation. He highlights the willingness to absorb the Sibyls as Christian prophets of pagan origin into the European culture of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries as well as the theological debate about the appropriation of the Sibylline oracles as divine testimonies. After completing a BA in History and Musicology at the University of Potsdam, Finn obtained an MA in Cultural and Intellectual History from the Warburg Institute, London.

Books published with us

Title Cultural Encounters: Cross-disciplinary studies from the Late Middle Ages to the Enlightenment [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-381-1
Published in May 2018