Jonas Norgaard Mortensen

Jonas Norgaard Mortensen is committed to the philosophical and value debate on the welfare state. In 2012 Jonas Norgaard Mortensen published the Danish book "Det fælles bedste" (in English "The Common Good"), which has since been published in three editions. In 2015 Jonas Norgaard Mortensen published the anthologies "The personal community. Personalism in practice" and "The relational human. Personalism in perspective", where a number of leading experts give their views as to which practices and perspectives personalism provides for relational being. Jonas Norgaard Mortensen is today an active lecturer, working both nationally and internationally with personalism and is director of the Institute for relational Psychology, working with relational being.

Books published with us

Title The Common Good [Hardback]
Subtitle An Introduction to Personalism
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-192-3
Published in March 2017