Beverley A. Searle

University of Dundee

Beverley Searle is Senior Lecturer and Head of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Dundee. She received her PhD in Social Policy from the University of York in 2005. She is the founder of INTEGRATE: International Network of Generational Transfers Research established in 2012. Her research interests focus on long-term trends in subjective wellbeing and social welfare, in particular, interdisciplinary exploration of the role of assets (financial, physical, human and natural) in securing well-being and welfare across the life-course. Her interests are underpinned by concerns of intergenerational inequalities and developing an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the inter-dependencies, barriers to, and potential for developing individual sustainable well-being and social resilience. Her research has addressed the challenges facing households set within the context of fluctuations in the housing market and wider economy; micro concerns of the social and economic consequences of recession on household relationships and budget management; inequalities in an ageing society and the role and relationship of private transfers of wealth and the implications for individual well-being. She has published widely on these issues including her book on Well-being and an edited collection (with Professor Susan Smith) on the Housing Wealth of Nations.

Books published with us

Title Generational Interdependencies: The Social Implications for Welfare [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-186-2
Published in January 2018